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10:33 AM on 11.26.2007

Game Store Up(in flames)date

Ok, so I have finally reached the end of my little rope here. I have currently exhausted all available resources to get the funding for my Game Store I was starting save for a few others; I'm not holding my breath.

The reason being is that even to get any amount of credit, or any hope of ever getting credit for that matter, you must have a substantial amount of start-up money yourself. I've got a half decent job, but as it stands now, it would take me ages to come up with it on my own. Which is unfotrunate; my target market is begging me to open the store, but the target market also doesn't have the kind of scratch collectively to get it off the ground.

So, until further notice, it's on hold. But fear not; this ain't no Duke Nukem Forever.

I am holding off for now until the loan market gets into a better position for me to get what I need. This is really a huge blow, not just for me, but for many other local people who were hoping to get in on this and be apart of something big. I feel as if I have let down a large number of friends, both here on Destructoid and locally in my town. But them's the breaks.

So, what's next? More research and planning. I may not be getting any money, but I'll be damned if I don't attempt to put myself in a better position to start this up when the timing is better. God willing, I'll have our first LAN tourney sometime next year.

And now, I'll shut up about it. It doesn't put me in a good mood at all, and I really don't feel well today anyways (still sort of in my Turkey Coma). But, if anyone has any questions or wants to know more about it, shoot me an e-mail; I'll be happy to divulge all my tasty secrets about the store and marketing bits I have uncovered.

I want to thank all of you here at Destructoid for the support in getting this thing moving. What started out as a drunken tirade has transformed into something awesome; and it WILL happen. Just not soon.   read

11:23 AM on 11.01.2007

[EDIT]Game Store Update 3! About Goddamn Time Edition! [PIC]

Don't mind the temporary thing at the bottom, it's just cause the Fire Marshal was blinded by awesomeness and has to look at the store for fire safety.

And so I don't get horribly mangled, thanks to CTZ for checking in on the progress. He definitely has dibs on this one :)

This is the first of a deluge of photos were getting soon/gotten recently. For those of you not business inclined, this peice of paper lets me take money from the government to let people come in and pay me for murder simulators. I would post the rest, by I am going to a celebration party tonight, currently at work :P, and tomorrow I have bank spalunking to do. Wish me luck, bitches.

{Edit} I am getting my Flickr account set-up for the business shortly, so expect more pictures soon. Also, as soon as a bank gives me money, my entire Business Plan will be available for scrutiny/framing/fapping/reading over Google Docs. I also have a pretty sweet logo design that I am working on getting up here in the next couple of days. Thanks for the support, Destructoid. You all deserve cake.   read

11:37 PM on 09.30.2007


What the hell? Does anyone else have this? Cause I want a damn steak.   read

7:59 AM on 09.27.2007

Game Store Update 2 - delayed by Haloz

Okay, I haven't made a couple updates on time, but hopefully this will be the last one without any pictures of what is going down. I have already made agreements with the realator, and I go today to find the building. Wish me luck guys!

Also, thanks to BigPopaGamer, Detry, GuitarAtomik, SnaileB, Masterledz, and everyone else I played with last night. I had an awesome fucking time, and NEVER EVER PLAY MAD DASH WITH MORE THAT 8 PEOPLE! Also, Pirate Ships.   read

9:30 AM on 09.17.2007

Gaming Store Update #2! Made of Win, LLC

SO I finally decided to call the store, "Made of Win, LLC". This particular meme is sort of a staple inside joke around here. I use it frequently in that one game, Real Life, and people always get a laugh or two out of it. I think it will stand out on a nice big sign in front fo the store.

And while we are on the subject of stores, I seem to have found a suitable location to place the store now. It isn't very big, but it does work to our advantage because of the stupid amount of parking it has for such a small building. My only concern is it isn't exactly in the perfect location for this, but to be honest, the perfect location for this is a small treasure trove of cash on top of an undiscovered oil well.

I am now finished with ALL market research, including surveys. The surveys went pretty good, and I'd like to thank our Wal-Mart and our GameStop for sealing their own fates. /snicker

I am now into the cost-estimate phase of this, and now I'm really starting to see how much it's gonna cost. And it will cost a lot. But I am framing the check stub of my 10 grand in video games purchase. That's always been sort of a fantasy of mine; spending an irresponsibly large amount of money on gaming.

I don't have any pictures still, which sucks, cause I'd like for you guys to see what's up.

As for the naming contest, the winner was Nex with The Save Point, which will now be displayed, in all it's glory, above the bathrooms. This may sound like a pile of crap (which it might be), but on the surveys, The Save Point actually did the worst; the question was, Which of these names sounds most like a gaming store to you? a) The Save Point b)Replay Value c) Made of Win or d)Game Hall.

Made of Win coincidentally made the best, and the idea for the name was given to me by my older brother/assistant manager. Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned when this Friday, I will form a raid group to tackle the hardest instance of Real Life; the Bank!   read

9:40 PM on 09.13.2007

Gaming Store Update 1!

Ok, so here is the update for this Friday. Also, bullet-points.

- I still have no idea what it is called, and I have some excellent names so far.
- I have a place I am looking at leasing, with a possibility to own. Pun not intended.
- I still need someone interested in painting the mural.
- I have all my secondary marketing data done, just need to go out and do surveys.
- Business plan is about 60% done, with 10% being my surveys, 20% being the Money bits, and 5% having someone review it. From then, it's off to the bank.
- I have a new business smart phone, and I love it to bits.

I'll break it down for everyone. Basically, I still have no idea what to call it, but I have narrowed it down to these: The Save Point (by our very own Nex), Replay Value (by another Dtoid clogger, but I can't for the life of me remember who), [Epic] Win Limited, and Headshot Inc.

The place I am looking at leasing is the same carcass of the old store that was there, minus almost everything. It has the holes drilled, and that's about it. But the rent is cheap, and the location is better than the other stuff out here, so it looks like we're gonna do it there.

I really need someone to paint this mural. Like, really bad. I was thinking about having some local people who are interested in doing it, but their art style is a little strange and I don't particularly feel it. If ANYONE wants to do this, please please PLEASE e-mail me. We might be able to make arrangements.

Surveys suck. Seriously. But The two I have I believe will be sufficient for the bank. I hope. But it's ok, cause the ESA and the NPD basically did all the other work for me.

My business plan is still on schedule, but barely, as I have school and my current job contending for most of my time. But it will press on, for the good of all gamers!

And my new phone really is badass.

And since you guys are whores for new info, here is more snippets!

I am also going to be doing a lot of retail action, along with the in-house rentals. Computer Games, Console Games, Card Games, Tabletop Games, Pen and Paper Games, and Gaming Apparel are probably going to be available at launch, provided this vendor I am talking to works out. While it's costs will increase, it will definitely bring out more people to the store to spend their weekends at. Them spending weekends at the store keeps the lights on, after all. The decision to start the store off with all of these wasn't an easy one to make; when you drop almost 50 grand in equipment, that kind of makes a dent in your start-up cash quick. I originally thought my estimate of 350,000 was too high; now I may believe it is too low.

If anyone of you would like to either sponsor or help with the store going up in any way, please drop me a line at my e-mail address at [email protected] The community here has already expressed interest in the endeavor, and we could use all the help we can get. All who help, either by donating money, materials, or what-have-you will have their names emblazoned on a plaque for all to see in the front lobby.   read

11:47 AM on 09.11.2007

Gaming Store Update 0.5 (also, contest)

Okay, denizens of the innernets! As some of you have read before, I am starting up a little business here in SE Georgia. However I have run into a problem.

I cannot name anything for shit.

So, I have decided to reach out to the community that cares with the fire of a thousand suns for help. I would like to ask for some name suggestions for the store. The winner of the contest will have his or her name and/or likeness appear somewhere about the store when rennovations are finished (or if that is too lame for the winner, we can work something else out). I really wish I could give out something better, and I might be able to in the future. But I don't have any money to spare untill after I get my permit submitted and my form submitted to the state for LLC-dom. And then I probably wont have a lot after that seeing thats when construct

But this ghetto update won't just be for this, cause I also have some more tidbits for you to ponder and discuss.

There will be an area in the store devoted to table top gaming. Lots of tables seperated by partitions so people can play their card games, or strategy games without being distracted. However, that room will have an interesting little secret, for it will also have a dual purpose the likes have probably seen at least once, but not neccesarily remembered. It will double as a concert stage, with the most badass sound and lighting system I can afford at the time. Bands -local or otherwise - will have the opprotunity to come in and play sets every couple of weeks or so, along with the obvious use of having the most epic 1v1 tournament final ever. This is an interesting part of the store, since the main reason I have seriously decided to include this is because of the comments I have so far received on the Dtoid community. In honor of this, it will have the likeness of the Dtoid Robot gaurding the door, telling people the law, straight up, "Don't Suck".

This mini-update was brought to you by my Dad, who suggested I ask around for naming suggestions. Stay tuned, cause Friday I will have the big update, hopefully with the floorplans to the building I am looking to aqcuire.   read

12:28 PM on 09.10.2007

So I woke up Saturday and decided to start a buisness...

And what buisness is this? Well, obviously the best buisness; Vidya Games. Allow me to explain.

Basically, here in southern Fum-Buck, USA, there is absolutley no local places that do games, aside from the Wal-Mart or GameStop. With these two pathetic excuses for vendors, there is a gaping hole in a niche market the size of Rhode Island. And that market is the market of the LAN Party and Gaming Haven's. So, I have decided to open a gaming store/arean/pwn lobby. Not only will it let me ghetto-nudge my way into the industry of my hobbie, I have also decided to document the process for a Destructoid Exclusive! Huzzah!

I will start by explaining a couple of neat features I am including into the store. I am having a 30' Gaming Mural commissioned, displaying the heavy hitters of the industry, past and present. Everything from Pac Man to teh Haloz, it will incorporate the gaming Protagonists and Heroes from the industry in an epic showcase; a physical manifestation of the word "win" is what I'm looking for here.

The second big thing it will incorporate are articles and stories on the walls of influential people and companies in the gaming industry. This is more to educate ignorant parents and nay-sayers about our chosen hobby. Things like an interviews or an articles on people like Penny Arcade and Destructoid, who go above the basic gaming instincts to help make it the respected buisness it still isn't today.

I am sitting down with a few people to get details all worked out, and more info when it gets available. The couple things I listed above are but a few of the things I plan to do with the place, and I have about a million ideas kicking around that I like and would love to have, but can't do because of the Laws of Physics or money issues. I am currently in Phase 1 of the buisness process, otherwise known as the Buisness Plan (or better known as The-Thing-That-Will-Not-Get-Me-Laughed-Out-Of-The-Bank-When-I-Ask-For-$350,000-Worth-Of-Video-Game-Shit).   read

7:38 AM on 07.20.2007

Bomberman LIVE! is made of fail AND win. Huh?

Ok, so I downloaded Bomberman LIVE! from XBLM. I got up and running trying out some little single player game. Two things I instantly remember at Bomberman:

1) I really suck at Bomberman.

2) I alaways seem to kill myself with the second bomb. Somehow.

But, yesterday was good fun, with CJPKiller, and electro lemon, Angelsdontburn, and a variety of other people. We were also joined by my little brother, who starting acting like a jackass and preceeded to win a whole game USING THE GUITAR HERO CONTROLLER.He thought he was cocky, but after I won later on in the night I decapitated him with the guitar over webcam, but it was all good fun. Can't wait to do it again.   read

8:46 AM on 07.02.2007

Sword of the New World Open Beta (aka Pirategasm)

So since the Sword of the New World beta came out, I've been tearing it up. And now, the beta is open, so I've started actually doing some of the bug reporting and feedback stuff (God knows I didn't for Halo). And I'd just like to share a few things about the game here, for those who may be on the fence.

- MCC (Multiple Character Control) isn't the clusterfuck of sensory overload everyone seems to make it out to be. Sure it's still a little buggy (Beta, remember) in some places (in especially large rooms with lots of mobs, they can sometimes get confused and all attack the same target at a time. WHich is fine, except my party of choice has a musketeer, so most of the time my other two party members jog for a couple of hours while the musketeer just blows shit away). But, this aside, it's still really cool to use. Sort of like a mashup between WoW and FFXII, only with moar.
- The translations are escpecially bad (ever hear Korean-to-French-to-Engrish? it's hilarious), but at this point, the game is still in debug mode. They just want it all to work first; they'll go back and make it all sound correct afterward.
- Musketeers are going to get nerfed harder than 1.0 Paladins. Without a doubt.
- There is only one healing class, the Scout. It sort of doubles as a rogue, priest, druid, pally, warrior in WoW terms. For example, my Scout practices Escrima (knife core at it's finest; +1178% damage on my hits sometimes) and he can do healing. But with the knife equipped, he basically just stabs shit unless you tell him to heal otherwise. And then he heals after he's done with an attack animation. But take of his dagger? He becomes a healing, buffing, and curing machine, capable of keeping even the most anal-retentive, Whelp pulling, moron alive for extended periods of time.
- Fighter in SotNW is what a fighter or warrior is supposed to be; terrifying with every weapon he can equip. So far, the only weapon type that actually sucks, is Sabre (no shield, low damage, fast attack speed and high hit rate, but next to useless in PvE and PvP because of lack of specials and only one stance). However, the abilty to use scout stances (namely Escrima One-dagger and some funky two dagger style), and a few of the muskateer stances (single and double pistols) makes them kinda badass. They even have sword and pistol styles, using one of each type, but no dagger pistol style (eventhough the sabre and pistol stance has a picture of a dagger and pistol; maybe a typo or a placeholder....or something more sinister).
- The Costume system is by far the most awesome thing to hit MMO's since the hearthstone. basically, you can equip whatever you want, and only minor changes to your current costume are made. You can buy new parts of costumes at different levels, to fully make you look like a badass (or a Queen of the Pirate Hookers; your call).
- The art style for the game is a strange mashup of eastern and western design styles. For example, the starting town looks akin to a European settlement, but the people living in it have the Anime/Orient feel to them. It sounds funky, but it does blend well.
- There is large scale PvP. Like, this faction, the Republicans, ransacks the other faction's, the Royalists, cities and vice versa.
- The channel system is a little bizzare, but after using it for a bit I like it. It works froughly the same way as Space Cowboy: There are a number of different channels for each zone to control crowding issues.
- World Dungeons are in abundance here. While all of WoW's dungeons are instanced, only a few areas in SotNW are, primairly boss fights and mission dungeons.
- Most quests can be solo'd, but if you have a solo quest that is a tad difficult, then you can grab someone else's party for help, and both get credit. The "Grab 9 livers" quests seem to not exist, so there is never a problem of needing one last thing and grind for two days till you get it.
- The ability to get unique, specialised UPC characters allows for interesting gameplay. All of the starting classes are very flexible, while the card classes are more specialised. Protip: Don't use anything two-handed unless they are unique, the stock stances for two-handers are kinda trash.
- There are clans, but no clan housing. But there is clan storage a'la wharehouses.

And that's all I got. I have no picks till I get home, and I'll post a couple of replays to YouTube and embed them.   read

11:59 AM on 06.11.2007

I now have a new "WoW"

Actually, with Husky's past posts, I now have two. I have recently begun playing Space Cowboy, and I am going to restart my account for EvE when I get my paycheck on Friday.

Now, alot of my firends ask me why. Well, why do I ditch a game that OVAR 9000!!! have been playing for two years?

Well, that's a good question. Mainly, because of the BS that you have to go through just to get to level cap and then get into the endgame content. EvE takes much longer, but EvE a scrub with 1,000,000 SP can do some damage; and a smart one can take over battleships and be an effective pirate.

So enough about WoW. Let's talk about the first of these two gems, EvE Online by CCP. I'm sure you've all heard about the Fiasco's of CCP and their baby EvE. Well, I really don't care. I know it's fucked up to do in a game, but I didn't think it wasn't going to happen. The game's open setting in space is terrific. I can't tell you how sick I am of the fantasy type MMO's out there. I mean honestly, how many times has a Fireball been cast? Maybe a couple trillion times over the course of WoW? Screw Fireball, use a manly man's Fireball - Cruise Missle. Damn skippy, nothing says fuck you quite like 30 feet of explosives encased in steel traveling at 3000 k/ms.

Now, the second of these two is Space COwboy by Masang Soft. Husky Hog did a fairly accurate description in his blog post about the Top 5 MMo's you've never heard of. Well, I'm here to say this is what would happen if Starfox were made Gainax in MMO form. The open PvP, endgame PvE content, the fact you can elect the leader of your nation for a month, capturable territories, and all FREE makes this a preffered alternative. The level grind is rediculously fast compared to WoW, and the fast paced dogfighting is more along the lines of what an MMO should feel like.

I play Space Cowboy on the Trimus server by the name of (what else) PwnDaddy. I ride in an I-Gear; the type most useful for 1v1 PvP and specialises in Air-to-Air combat to the tee. In Eve, I ride in a Destroyer, aptly named the Sattelite of Love. I am an Achuran named Sihdney, and I'm putting all my points into the more combative skills. If you'd like to join me on these games, just send me a message.   read

9:41 AM on 06.07.2007

Wednesday Night Fragfest? not exactly...

Well, Wednesday has come and passed, and my plan for a Dtoid fragfest didn't exactly pan out like I had planned. But, good times were had anyways. The fest started at around 5:30, with me and EternalDarkWing ripping it up in Shadowrun. When I mean rip it up, I mean it's not a good idea to start practising with the katana on Hard bot-match. So, we both suck a bit at Shadowrun, but we did have a blast anyways. Minigun ftw.

The night shifted over to Gears of War. Since I am made of phail, and didn't have the new maps, I couldn't join Snaileb and a few of his buddies, so it was me Eternal, and my little brother Juk3b0xh3r0. Needless to say, 2v1 in gears is not as fun for the 1 guy. That's when we decided, it was time to win the Halo's.

We hooked up with Snaileb's party for some custom games. After many shenanigans, we got into the custom matches for some serious bastardry. The only real mentionable game in Halo was the Crazy King FFA with Rockets and 200% speed. My God, that hurt my head. Average lifespan was 13 seconds for me. I have the film saved, as I'm sure everyone else recorded it as well.

So, a tad of a blag flag this week. Solution? We do it again, this Saturday. If you'd like to come post the times you are available, and we'll try to account for everyone.   read

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