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PwnDaddy's blog

10:33 AM on 11.26.2007

Game Store Up(in flames)date

Ok, so I have finally reached the end of my little rope here. I have currently exhausted all available resources to get the funding for my Game Store I was starting save for a few others; I'm not holding my breath. The reas...   read

11:23 AM on 11.01.2007

[EDIT]Game Store Update 3! About Goddamn Time Edition! [PIC]

Don't mind the temporary thing at the bottom, it's just cause the Fire Marshal was blinded by awesomeness and has to look at the store for fire safety. And so I don't get horribly mangled, thanks to CTZ for checking in ...   read

11:37 PM on 09.30.2007

Steaktacular? What the hell? Does anyone else have this? Cause I want a damn steak.   read

7:59 AM on 09.27.2007

Game Store Update 2 - delayed by Haloz

Okay, I haven't made a couple updates on time, but hopefully this will be the last one without any pictures of what is going down. I have already made agreements with the realator, and I go today to find the building. Wish me...   read

9:30 AM on 09.17.2007

Gaming Store Update #2! Made of Win, LLC

SO I finally decided to call the store, "Made of Win, LLC". This particular meme is sort of a staple inside joke around here. I use it frequently in that one game, Real Life, and people always get a laugh or two out of it. I ...   read

9:40 PM on 09.13.2007

Gaming Store Update 1!

Ok, so here is the update for this Friday. Also, bullet-points. - I still have no idea what it is called, and I have some excellent names so far. - I have a place I am looking at leasing, with a possibility to own. Pun not...   read

11:47 AM on 09.11.2007

Gaming Store Update 0.5 (also, contest)

Okay, denizens of the innernets! As some of you have read before, I am starting up a little business here in SE Georgia. However I have run into a problem. I cannot name anything for shit. So, I have decided to reach out ...   read

12:28 PM on 09.10.2007

So I woke up Saturday and decided to start a buisness...

And what buisness is this? Well, obviously the best buisness; Vidya Games. Allow me to explain. Basically, here in southern Fum-Buck, USA, there is absolutley no local places that do games, aside from the Wal-Mart or GameS...   read

7:38 AM on 07.20.2007

Bomberman LIVE! is made of fail AND win. Huh?

Ok, so I downloaded Bomberman LIVE! from XBLM. I got up and running trying out some little single player game. Two things I instantly remember at Bomberman: 1) I really suck at Bomberman. 2) I alaways seem to kill myself ...   read

8:46 AM on 07.02.2007

Sword of the New World Open Beta (aka Pirategasm)

So since the Sword of the New World beta came out, I've been tearing it up. And now, the beta is open, so I've started actually doing some of the bug reporting and feedback stuff (God knows I didn't for Halo). And I'd just li...   read

11:59 AM on 06.11.2007

I now have a new "WoW"

Actually, with Husky's past posts, I now have two. I have recently begun playing Space Cowboy, and I am going to restart my account for EvE when I get my paycheck on Friday. Now, alot of my firends ask me why. Well, why do...   read

9:41 AM on 06.07.2007

Wednesday Night Fragfest? not exactly...

Well, Wednesday has come and passed, and my plan for a Dtoid fragfest didn't exactly pan out like I had planned. But, good times were had anyways. The fest started at around 5:30, with me and EternalDarkWing ripping it up in ...   read

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