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Andrew 'Pwn Daddy" Clink

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I ain't dead.

Well, I'm not :P I've been away for a long while; no reading posts, no comments, no forum forays. The reasoning behind this is mainly because I have gotten laid off a month ago (almost two months now, sheesh). I've been wo...


Game Store Update: Back from the Grave?

Well, not exactly. If you've been reading up, I've been fighting a never ending uphill shit storm with an entity known as 'The Banks". While my business plan is good, my buisness model clear, and having decent credit, I hav...


I wanna rock (ROCK)!

Yes, this is about Rock Band. Derp. After getting it on launch day and having a crack at everything it has to offer, I have come to these conclusions: - If you have a vocalist in your multiplayer group, for the love of Go...


Game Store Up(in flames)date

Ok, so I have finally reached the end of my little rope here. I have currently exhausted all available resources to get the funding for my Game Store I was starting save for a few others; I'm not holding my breath. The reas...



http://www.bungie.net/stats/Halo3/CareerStats.aspx?player=Snack%20Mage What the hell? Does anyone else have this? Cause I want a damn steak.


Game Store Update 2 - delayed by Haloz

Okay, I haven't made a couple updates on time, but hopefully this will be the last one without any pictures of what is going down. I have already made agreements with the realator, and I go today to find the building. Wish me...


Gaming Store Update #2! Made of Win, LLC

SO I finally decided to call the store, "Made of Win, LLC". This particular meme is sort of a staple inside joke around here. I use it frequently in that one game, Real Life, and people always get a laugh or two out of it. I ...


Gaming Store Update 1!

Ok, so here is the update for this Friday. Also, bullet-points. - I still have no idea what it is called, and I have some excellent names so far. - I have a place I am looking at leasing, with a possibility to own. Pun not...


About PwnDaddyone of us since 10:54 AM on 03.19.2007

Hobbies: Games, Airsoft, Camping,

Games I actively play: World of Warcraft, Rainbow Six: Vegas, DnD (yeah, you read that right), and basically anything me or my crowd thinks would be entertaining at the time.

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