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PvPPY avatar 6:33 PM on 05.04.2010  (server time)
Photoblog: Wipeout Fury p0rn

Wipeout Fury, I love you.

The races in progress that you let me join as a spectator. Spying on good players is a great way to learn.
The badges you hand out like party favors after every event. I always feel special.
The dozens of trophies you play so hard to get with. I'm going to be paying you attention for a long time.
The sleek curves on your tracks and the all-natural feel of handling your ships. Okay, that was straight-up dirty.

Enough poetry, you guys came to watch me dance:

I'm trying to get a little more artsy with my photo sessions, at first all I wanted was to capture the stunning ship models, but the scenery and camera settings can make the pics freaking stunning as far as my artistic sensibilities are concerned.

Any other DToids that race, send a friend request to KingBoah... and if you've got photos share, dammit!

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