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Crappy scans because I'm in a rush sorry.

Anybody else shocked to open up their toyfare magazine this month and find our own Colette? Open to page 53 to find Colettes opinion on WoW, GoW, Tomb Raider, Halo and FF action figures. Pretty cool read. Good job Dtoid getting into one of my favorite magazines!


In another sweet move amazon is offering some cheap PS3 packages. Check em out and make sure to vote. Invitations to buy the bundles will be sent out on thanksgiving randomly. I like how we need invitations to buy things. These fools should be bending over for our money in this economy of ours.. FYI I totally want the action bundle..


It is on the last page. The picture in the ad is for the whole bundle but the ad says guitar bundle... I'm pretty sure with enough whining you could get your way though..

I just got an email from Toys 'R Us that has big news. Well not big news but good news. If you haven't purchased Guitar Hero World Tour bundles yet I'd wait till this weekend. They are selling it in store only for 60% off. Thats a grand total of 99.99 for the drums, geetar, mic, and the game.. BUT WAIT THERES MORE... well not really..

As we read earlier there is a drought of x boxes. I had my own search and came up just as fruitless. So I did what any other individual does.. Attack the intronet. I'm looking for an Xbox with hdmi because.... I just want it. And I found this.


Now I don't know if this is old news but its new to me and just officially came out yesterday. Maybe something to check out if I ever find a Xbox or get the red rings fixed on mine. Although $90 for un-true HDMI picture and sound leaves a sour taste in my mouth... just like my uncle... wait what?