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7:13 PM on 08.29.2009

I suck at games - RPGs, my favourite genre

I easily spend the majority of my gaming time playing RPGs Ė on the train, sometimes after work and most of the weekend. They easily make up more than half of my gaming collection. Unfortunately I am really bad at them. Now, my problem isnít finishing them - I actually do complete nearly every RPG that I start (with the exception of crap like Infinite Undiscovery). My problem is that I am extremely impatient and lack the time to play RPGs.

As everyone knows the average RPG can take anywhere from 30 hours to 100+ hours to complete. So far this year I have managed to complete about thirteen RPGs (yes I count) and am aiming to finish at least seven more by the end of the year.

Anyway as stated above, the reason I suck is that I am impatient. A traditional aspect of the RPG is grinding. The level of grinding required will depend on the game and can be anywhere from minimal to ridiculous. I am the first to admit that I absolutely hate grinding and cannot stand it. In the past, I had no problem with it. But now that I have less time for gaming my preferred strategy is to spend as little time as possible grinding so I can get on with the game. I really donít want to spend half my game time trying to level up to gain skills so I can beat some stupid cheap boss Ė e.g. Sleeping Table. No matter what tactic I used I could not defeat him (because I suck). Eventually I gave up trying and didnít play Persona 3 for a few weeks. When I finally got back into it I ended up grinding for a couple of hours just to kick his ass.

Another example is Devil Survivor. I finally completed it last week after playing it every day for close to two months. The reason it took so long Ė I couldnít be bothered grinding so was seriously under leveled (according to various sites I checked out). From what I understand the MegaTen series has more of a focus on exploiting weaknesses than grinding and so that is what I did. But because I suck so much I often had to do the same boss battle multiple times before I finally attained victory. Sure it would probably be less time consuming to actually level my characters so that bosses are easy but itís not nearly as fun or rewarding when I finally do succeed. Yes this does contradict my P3 example.

Exploration is also a standard gaming feature in most RPGs. Again, this highlights my lack of patience. To complete an RPG in its entirety often requires multiple side quests, collecting numerous items/weapons/etc and obtaining various skills. This can often double the amount of time taken to finish the game. Since I am obsessive compulsive with games I usually want to do everything on offer in RPGs and since I am extremely impatient I donít want to spend time doing all this on my own.

So my confession: I use strategy guides. I donít just use guides, I manage to destroy them by using them so often. Donít get me wrong, I usually get through the main story on my own, but when it comes to optional parts of the game Ė that is where the guides get a LOT of use. I'm way too impatient and lazy to find the location of side quests or work something out so I can get awesome items/weapons/etc. Of course there is the rare RPG where I just use the guide the whole way through, for example Cross Edge. Obviously the game wasnít as good as its potential but I do enjoy it. In saying that, I canít play it without a guide because I really cannot be bothered searching for souls in every single area since it would take forever.

So most people are probably thinking: how can I claim to love RPGs considering I am too impatient for the major game play elements of them? The truth is, I donít know why I love RPGs. A lot of people think using a guide is pointless and you arenít really playing the game which makes sense. But when you become time poor and want to gain as much out of your gaming time as possible with way too many awesome games to play, it just becomes the easy option.

And I really do suck at RPGs.   read

4:49 AM on 07.25.2009

Broken console, Sony conspiracy, new PS3!

Considering every 360 owner I know has experienced the red ring of death at least once, if not multiple times, I always thought out of all the consoles I own the first to break would be one of my 360s. Not so! It is my backwards compatible PS3 that broke - just after I did a system update. The disc icon no longer showed up in the XMB and I was unable to play any disc-based games. After playing Persona 3 and Cross Edge constantly the last few weeks, this was my worst nightmare.

After doing extensive research on the internet (ie: reading various forums) and speaking to a couple of people, it appears it is a common occurrence that 60 gig PS3s break after system updates. This has caused me to come to the conclusion that it is a conspiracy by Sony to destroy all backwards compatible PS3s. I have no idea what Sony's ultimate plan is, all I know is that I have been a victim of this widespread destruction.

Fortunately, it was only broken for five days. We had a console technician come and fix it, which only took 20 minutes and $170. We didnít go through Sony because it would have taken too long and cost over $300. The guy that fixed my PS3 had already fixed four others the same day with another two after mine which is more evidence towards Sony breaking the PS3s with system updates.

Also, he took our PS2 to be modified to play NTSC games - so now I will be able to get all the games that were never released in PAL. Unfortunately he said the only thing I can do to stop my PS3 from breaking again is to not play for more than 3 hours at a time to give it a break, which is basically impossible for me to do once I'm involved in a game :(

Anyway instead of playing Star Ocean on 360, I spent most of the time playing various PSN games with my boyfriend. After this he finally agreed to let me buy him a PS3 :D It is his 30th birthday tomorrow and the perfect present! The problem was we went to every single shop in the area and they were sold out everywhere. Luckily, he found someone selling a brand new 40 gig PS3 on one of the forums he goes on and they only lived half an hour away. So today we went and bought the PS3 and a 320 gig hard drive. He only has the same PSN games as me at the moment but I will buy a couple of games for him in the next week or two.

Now we have two PS3s and two 360s set up next to each other and lots of awesome gaming to do!


2:47 AM on 06.07.2009

Star Ocean The Last Hope - PAL Collectors Edition

Today I bought SO4. It was finally released in Australia on Thursday, despite being released nearly everywhere else last year. So far I am about two hours in but since tomorrow is a public holiday I plan to play it a lot more tonight/tomorrow.

Anyway here are pictures of the Collectors Edition:

It includes a game soundtrack which I will put on my ipod later (the only music I have on my ipod are game soundtracks).

These are the 'exclusive' character cards that came with it. I like them, but will probably just keep them in the box.

It also came with a mini strategy guide but I had already purchased the official one online.

Apparently some people say this game sucks but I really like it from what I have played. I love the whole data collection and the battle system is fun. I'm hoping to finish the game 100%, but seriously doubt I will get all the battle trophies from what I've seen.

My plan is to play through the whole Star Ocean series since I never got around to it in the PS1 days. I'm almost finished SO1 on PSP so will probably start SO2 in the next week or two. Anyway time to continue playing!   read

4:33 AM on 05.23.2009

Gaming Setup + Cactuar and friends

For my second blog I am posting my setup and my boyfriends setup which are next to each other. I have also included a few pics of my plushies and Valkyria Chronicles figurines.

This is the room we do all our gaming in. We both have 32 inch TVs and our own games on each side. We would get bigger TVs but then we would need to mount them on the walls so not worth it yet. It is very tempting to just buy a huge 50 inch LCD to put in the middle though.

Here is a closer pic of my setup, with backwards compatible PS3 and a 360 elite. I have another 360 but gave that to my parents to get them into gaming. I don't have any of my older consoles set up at the moment since I'm playing mostly PS2 games on my PS3.

These are most of my games. I only got back into gaming a year and a half ago so am still building up my collection. None of my last gen games are in the pic. A lot of my PSP and DS games aren't there either because they are in various places.

Here is a closeup of some of my games. At the moment I am trying to buy all the PS2 RPGs I missed when I wasn't gaming but some are hard to find, like the SMT games and anything by NIS. I hate buying pre-owned but don't have much choice.

This is my boyfriends setup. He only bought a 360 about a year ago and I'm trying to convince him to get a PS3. I offered to buy him one but he is waiting for GT5.

These are his games. There are also some random DVDs there because we use his TV when we watch anything.

Lately he has mostly been playing Forza with the steering wheel.

Here is my PSP and DS with the cases I keep them in. I have both of them in my bag at all times except when playing. I mostly play on the daily train trip to and from work and sometimes in my lunch break but if I am really enjoying a game I play it at home too.

These are some of the various accessories and controllers we have. I force my boyfriend to play DDR with me sometimes.

Here is Cactuar with my other plushies. I have a pre-order for Moogle and Tonberry which is meant to be on its way soon. I really want the Teddie plushie but it is impossible to find. I'm planning to buy Jack Frost and Izanagi too once I find a shipping service.

And finally here is a preview for a future post - my figures.


7:27 PM on 05.18.2009

I love Cactuars! My intro :)


Since I have decided to start a c-blog I figured I would introduce myself.

So I'm 23, live in Sydney with my boyfriend, work full-time, study part-time and am obsessed with video games. My first console was the PS1 and I quickly became addicted. For a few years gaming was my main priority but then I decided to have a social life and only played for a couple of hours a week.

I got back into gaming in December 2007 and bought a 360 and PS3 in the same week. My boyfriend also bought a 360 last year and we have our setups next to each other (which I will post another time). I have purchased about 80 games in the last year and a half and continue to buy a couple of games each month.

I somehow manage to find the time to play games at least 3-4 hours a day and more on weekends. I also listen to video game podcasts all day at work. Usually play my PSP or DS on the train to work and am currently playing SO: First Departure and Suikoden Tierkreis. I almost miss my train stop quite often because I get so involved in whatever game I'm playing. I love that there are so many remakes coming out on PSP/DS so I can play games I never got around to playing.

So I am kind of obsessed with RPGs and am currently playing all the PS2 RPGs I missed out on when I wasn't gaming. Recently finished Persona 4 and now playing P3 FES. My PS3 is backwards compatible which makes life easier. I have finished most RPGs on 360 but only Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 which is easily one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life. I made at least 10 people buy that game but none of them have finished it yet because they suck.

I like other genres but haven't really played anything other than RPGs this year. Not a huge fan of FPS but I loved R6V2 and L4D. Also like fighting games and strategy games but I tend to suck at them.

Also I love to buy Collectors Editions and figures/plushies of my fave games. Unfortunately most cool things never end up being released in Australia so I miss out or find out about things too late. So many sites don't ship to Australia either so it is kind of annoying. I do have Devil Summoner 2 on its way to me right now though :)

Well this is a pretty big intro so if anyone reads it all you are awesome :) Next post will be my setup! Oh and as the title says I love Cactuars.

Amanda   read

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