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Here are the videogaming thoughts of some guy who probably should be working right now. I blog sometimes and comment often. I'd like a job involving videogames somehow but I'm not quite there yet, so in the meantime I just try to enjoy life and play a lot of games.

I wish this was me in my free time.

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I the Author: Regret and Redemption in the Wasteland

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Everywhere else on the internet I go by the name Swift Robot, this includes Xbox Live so add me if ya like.

I has a PS3 now, my fanboy days are over. Woo for equal opportunity :D

GutsDozer, meet the Mad Cat MkII.

Robots, video games, metal, pron, djent, awesomeness and ultraviolence FTW.
I also love me some fighting games too.

I'm also part of a podcast, a very unofficial one. Made by Aussies for Aussie Dtoiders and other Dtoiders who like to listen to Aussie Dtoiders. Check that shit out.

Oh and fire.... fire is good.
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We'll try to talk Skeet Fighter as little as possible this episode, no promises though

Those aussie cunts are at it again. Yep it's podcast time with myself, DanMazkin and Mr Dillinger.

I'm renaming this episode PodCunt in honor of Mr Dillinger.
PodCunt, the Australian podcast for cunts!
In this episode I get half drunk and everyone gets pissy about videogame movies and videogames in general. We also talk a lot of weird shit possibly to compensate for the lack of user questions this week so make sure you all ask us random questions when we record our next episode.

Also Mr Dillinger lets slip his phone number during the show, I'm not editing it out just to see what happens.

Shit we talk about:
- Welcome to PodCunt
- Console RTSesesesss
- Flying pineapples
- Who the fuck is Chuck?
- Vidya Game movies
- We talk about Half Brick, Aussies making community games that Aussies can't play.
- Shoutout to FireMint too, another quality Aussie studio
- The R18 Discussion is back, and Mr DIllinger threatens people
- The RC Spotlight - UI Design
- Mr Dillinger's Get Pissy corner
- Listener Questions

Intro Music: Bionic Commando: Rearmed OST - Power Plant
Outro Music: Car Bomb - His Eyes

Download the podcast HERE (60.09MB)

NOTE: Our podcast service (for now) is with and we only JUST found out that the pricks stick ads in the middle of the podcast automatically. Just ignore them and hopefully by our next episode they'll be gone. We apologise the the inconvinience and return you to your usual programming. BING BONG!

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