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Puppy Licks's blog

5:11 PM on 10.25.2010

Hey it's that PuppyLicks guy... and he does art now?

Hey all, I've been absent off the Dtoids for a while now but it's about time I got reconnected with the community. I've been travelling all over the shop from December to about August like some smelly backpack...   read

10:09 PM on 04.10.2010

TravelToid: Puppy Licks and DanMazkin to invade LA.

Hey all, as you may all know already, I have been trekking across many countries along with my brother DanMazkin and my girlfriend Justine, and we plan on plodding through many more before we're done. We have already been run...   read

2:16 AM on 04.06.2010

TravelToid: A photo adventure of a Hong Kong arcade

Hey all, Hey guess what? I'm back in Hong Kong! Travelling around has been a great experience so far, and it is something I would recommend everybody do at least once in their life. But despite all the fun and excitement, th...   read

7:37 AM on 03.29.2010

TravelToid: If you love Shadow of the Colossus, go to Cambodia.

Hey all, I know it's been a while since my last blog but traveling around the place doesn't grant much time for internetting, only now do I look back and think to myself 'Shit, I should have brought a laptop along'. Oh well,...   read

10:57 PM on 02.07.2010

Hello from Hong Kong! A.K.A. I'm not dead!

Hey all, Puppy licks here, Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up from mah travelin' adventures and offer a friendly note that I'm not dead yet. Yay! I've been busy with all this travelling business and rocking it out i...   read

9:00 PM on 12.07.2009

I'm going away for a while, so I gots some things to say.

Hey all, Puppy Licks here. As some (or bugger all) of you may know, I am about to begin a 9 month long trip around the world in which I will be visiting places such as Hong Kong, Europe and the U.S. While this will be an aw...   read

8:05 PM on 11.05.2009

Attention Aussie Dtoiders! Want an R18 rating for games? Support Gamers4Croydon!

Hey all, As a lot of you know, Australia has no R18 rating for videogames. Causing all sorts of kerfuffle when a game with bad language or drugs or any sort of (gasp!) adult content tries to cross our shores. Most of this ...   read

5:43 PM on 10.22.2009

RumorBlog: New The Red Star game may be on the way.

Hey all, I know my C-blogging has been rather quiet lately, all my attention has been focused on podcasting and working and playing ping-pong with small marsupials. Great fun. But now I return with a tasty treat of rumor-lik...   read

9:03 PM on 08.24.2009

10 things you don't know about PuppyLicks


8:30 AM on 08.14.2009

DrunkBlog! I are drunk. p.s. I love you. (hahah gerard butler lol)

Hey all!!! I think this is the first time I have posted an official drunkblog, are you excited for me? are ya? I realise after the last sentence that I am trying too hard to correct drunken typos... so I shall stop that righ...   read

8:54 PM on 07.09.2009

ShortBlog: Mechwarrior 4 to be released online for FREE in honor of BattleTech's 25 anniversary

Damn the good news just keeps on coming hey? Ahhh live actors, a hallmark of a PC Gaming classic. If you read my previous posts you'll know that I'm a little bit excited about the new MechWarrior announcement. I seem to ha...   read

5:43 AM on 07.09.2009

ShortBlog: MechWarrior trailer revealed!! *Updated*

Well, mentioned it in the forums and I posted a rumor yesterday. Now, MechWarrior fans rejoice! Smith & Tinker and Pirahna games are definitely making MechWarrior. And to be extra nice they have given us a shiny new trailer ...   read

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