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so my isp (comcast) has been basicaly a piece of shit lately and i was wondering what i should swith to. I do a speed test and get very shitty download rates. i have dd-wrt installed on my lynksis wrt54g and still get shitty speed.

I also have recently been unable to go to certian websites or ip's namely http://www.electricretard.com and http://www.slashinggames.org. i was wondering what isp i should switch to and what experiences you guys have had with your or a way to fix this shit. oh and btw

it was a comcast rep on the other end of the line. u see what i go thru now. they also use stickam and irc there which as we know is old and busted

Video filmed by rorkoshakie or however us spell it. hes the crazy republican

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