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8:37 AM on 02.08.2012

CSG Progression

HEY EVERYONE!!! My name is Karryon Dietrich and let me be the first to say I love video gaming. But now instead of just playing video games, I'm now starting to learn to make them. This is actually my first blog ever on anywhere and im excited to start here! I recently joined this (CSG) group called Obscure Fish which is filled with extraordinary people that have the same interest in video game production. I will be posting more and more moslty every class/milestone i come across so bear with me people!

The group and I just made our domain. Its not yet up and running yet but rest assured it will be. i put a good amount of share into that domain name.($2)LOL

Hey guys! In my VICOM115 class my group, Obscure Fish, will be going against another group called "Zombiecorn" for a chance to develop a video game next semester. The objective is to present a game that will catch interest in our teacher and other people by the end of the semester. My role in the group is the co-CTO and co-CFO(look it up). I will also be helping out in other positions but mainly these. I will try, no, DO my best to make sure we win by the end of the semester! LETS GO!

Yo! it is week 6 and as you can see not much hasn't been put into my blog. I plan to change that as i get more into the course. As of now i am lead sound design and will be managing the sound/music for both the games my group will be making.

What's up Peeps!(EARLY EASTER PUN) Ever since I have been assigned lead sound design, i have been tinkering with the media software that i received. I have already made multiple sounds/music files to put into the project. So far my team seems to think the sounds/music is pretty good. seeing how the WORLD seems to be fascinated by the whole "dubstep" concept, i am going to try to mix this in our game for some sick gaming/music experience because i appreciate the concept of good music and gaming in sync!
P.S. Score one for Me for posting the Assassin's Creed 3 trailer on Facebook faster than Xbox did.(Joke)

Good news! My instructor introduced me to this site called that lets you have your own music library and even upload your own music! I believe this will promote my video gaming/modernized music I have produced. Here's the link to the room I'm hosting.

There has been a lot of production in the sound dept. of my class. i have completed the sprint 0 requirements for my 115 edutainment project. All I need to do is to compress the files to smaller size and add them to the UNITY program. Also, during our peer review, my whole group gave me a 5 (1=bad 5=good). This amps me up to do even better because seeing how I already have a 5 I still want a 6 or maybe even a 700!

It has been an exciting spring break for me but now its time to get back to work. I have a buddy that works with Forever Interactive LLC named Dijon Blanchard. He agreed on helping me with tips, knowledge, and experience he has gained over his years. Hopefully some of his XP will rub off onto me and eventually surpass him!

There's about a week left for portfolio day and 3 weeks left for presentation day. I'm gathering all my work and prettying it up to look appealing. one might ask themselves "How can you portfolio sfx and music?" i will be making a folder and inputting all my data/work into this folder.   read

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