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So the dreaded Robocop remake is upon us and I know what you are thinking. you are thinking "Dear god is there anything available to see instead of this shabby reboot or just something to help wash it's taste out of my mouth after I go to see how bad it is?" Well intrepid Dtoiders through my recent escapades in cyberspace I have found such a  valuable piece of media. It's name is Our Robocop Remake and it is one of the greatest fan film projects that has ever graced our fine existence.

Our Robocop Remake is a crowd sourced fan film project created by over 50 filmmakers (both professional and amateur) that is a scene for scene parody retelling of the original 1987 classic film. In this film you will see all of the scenes of Robocop re-enacted through puppets, babies, 2D animation, crappy 3D animation, interpretive dance and so much more.

(If you watch the official movie however you will only find sadness and disappointment)

So if you need something to fill that robotic void in your life, something to make you forget that terrible remake movie, or just want to watch something hilarious then this film is for you. Till next time Dtoid.

NOTICE: Film is NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

Link to movie:

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