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Psychoholic420's blog

9:59 PM on 04.20.2010

Megaman Fan Film Release Date

I went to the Megaman movie website and here's what was posted about the release date: […the one unanswered question has an answer: When is “Megaman” going to be released:   read

12:54 PM on 01.31.2010

The Price Is Wrong... but should have been Right

Dear UbiSoft... So last night I was drinking at a friend of my wifes house yesterday. Well, I wasn't drinking, I opted to be the D.D for the night. After some fun and frolicking we broke out the Wii. My wife's friend h...   read

12:31 AM on 01.29.2010

New Dragon Age DLC Trailer

Okay, so I'm trying to figure out how to embed this, so lets see.   read

11:46 PM on 09.23.2009

Try Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker NOW!!!

IGN has just posted the demo on their site. It's in Japanese, but it works. Here's the link... You're welcome   read

9:13 PM on 09.03.2009

The inFAMOUS Experience

This is my first blog, really on anything ever so I'll try to keep it brief. Currently I've been playing through SuckerPunch's inFamous for the Playstation 3. What can I say about this game? <br> The game started...   read

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