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PsychoSoldier avatar 1:07 PM on 03.03.2010  (server time)
Something About Sex: Something For The Ladies

When reading about this month's topic I thought it would be hard to write about since there is a whole mess of topics you can pick about sex in videogames. Writing about how sex is portrayed, the sexualization of characters in videogames, well you get the picture. Then it came to me, how about writing something about the lack of male eye candy for females, hey we need to loving to. Follow me in this blog and you'll see what I am talking about.

Since the videogame industry is still very male-centric it seems that producers and companies sometimes forget about the females that also partake in the awesome hobby of gaming. With that the lack of man- candy has occurred, with the trend of videogames as it is, it seems the majority of males are that of space marines or manly man that are the size of houses and to be honest that sometimes in not very fun to look at. I will state that with a games story and tone man-candy would be somewhat out there, for example Gears Of War. I would be a bit shocked to see a pretty boy, running around chainsawing aliens in half, while still have his lovely locks in place, not going to lie that would be awesome but that is just me.

Now that I think about Leon Kennedy did something to that affect in Reisdent Evil 4. One of my favorite games ever from the last decade, to me did it right. Leon in every way is just a normal guy, doing his job to recuse the president's daughter. Nothing was really special or stood out about him, his character design portrayed how more games should portray their male leaders. Leon is just normal, no muscles the size of texas, he's manly but not the over the top manly that has males oozing testostrone and he's good looking. I mean just look at the jacket.

Now this brings me to my next guy, the total badass Travis Touchdown. The thing with Travis is some girls most likely wouldn't think twice about Travis well I am not one of those girls. Travis is another normal guy, has an obession with anime, loves pro-wrestling and carries around a pretty kick ass beam sword. Minus the whole assassin job, there are guys out there just like him, this is one of those good and bad things. Even though most if not all the females in No More Hereo's are over sexualized and just there to please the eye, I find it interesting that they made Travis normal and not a female fantasy version of a guy.

With characters like Nathan Drake, Leon Kennedy and Travis Touchdown it seems that game developers are getting there it having some very nice eye candy for females and not overdoing with the sex like many female characters are but there is one genre of games that fills in the spot perfectly for every females, including mine, version of the perfect man. A guy that is amazingly gorgeous and will do anything to protect the ones that are close to him, including the girl that he loves. That my friends is the wonderful world of JRPGS.

Oh JRPG's where do I even begin with you. I have such a huge weak spot for bishounen's and really not afraid to admit that. I could talk about the various JRPG's I have played and go on about the males from those games but I will chose Persona 3 as my game to talk about. Since to me Persona 3 is a JRPG in every sense of the word, upon playing it from the first time last year I was overjoyed to find that the game was filled with bishounen's. I mean upon getting to see Akihiko the first time made my inner bishie fangirl go insane or meeting Junpei a complete opposite to Akihiko but was still awesome in his own way. To me JRPG's will be the games were females can get their male eye-candy but with JRPG's it's you hate them or you love them.

To me sex in videogames isn't just about characters having sex, it can also be the way how males and females are portrayed in games today. In the future I hope to see both male and female characters portrayed in a realstic way but without losing the fantasy that videogames have given us. I would like to have half naked, big breasted women replaced with normal sized women with some decent clothes and have the manly men that are big as a house with extreme power replaced with more character like Nathan Drake. Until that happens I'll just have to wait.

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