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PsychoSoldier avatar 12:32 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 things you didn't know about Psycho Soldier: I was to busy playing Okami so it's a day late edition

Well I was going to post one of these things yesterday but I was to playing Okami and I couldn't stop playing. All of these blogs I read are really interesting and now I am trying the fray, so onto the list!

10. I collect weapons in my spare time.
If you happen to visit the fourms and talk in the IRC you might already know about this. I love to collect weapons, any type is fine by me. I currently have two katanas, one knock Ramierz Sword, Sepiroth's sword, a hunting knife and a pair of sai's.

9. I was made fun in middle school because I played video games.
Yep, all through middle school everyone made fun of me because I openly proclaimed that I played video games. Video games really helped me survive middle school, that's why I play them all the time. It's helps me unwind from a stressful day.

8. I am a huge Zelda fan girl and damn proud of it.
When I first played Ocarina of Time I fell in love with the series and now I am trying to find all the old Zelda games I can find. I will also agure that Ocarina of Time was one of the best game for it's time and is still awesome till this day.

7. I LOVE Musicals
I love musicals just as much as I love video games. I would love to travel to New York and watch some musicals on Broadway. My favorite musicals are Les Miserables, Phantom of The Opera and Rent.

6. I have a soft spot for 90's cartoons
Oh the 90's how I miss thee and all of the awesome cartoons we had. Whenever I find a channel that's airing Pinky and the Brain or S.W.A.T Kats I get all happy on the inside. There is nothing like some good old 90's cartoons.

5. Roleplaying games are my favorite genre
More then another genre, RPG's are my favorite genre ever. Since I like to read alot, I find that RPG's are like interactive books, in that they have just as much depth and character development as books to.

4. History is my favorite subject, ever
For some odd reason I love learning about history be it America's history, Ancient History or Foregin History, it all jsut fasnacites me to no end. The being said I watch alot of History channel and love to read historical fiction.

3. I have a very big sweet tooth.
Anything to do with bakery, candy and anything sweet I good eat it all. With a big sweet tooth like mine, I am going to enroll in Culinary School with a focus on becoming a Pastry Chef. Along with that I love baking cakes and cookies. When I find time I plan on making a Destructoid cake.

2. I plan on opening my own Dessert Parlor.
The idea of having a place where people can come in and enjoy as many dessert as they want, in a great, fun astmosphere and very friendly service is a great idea. Sometimes you just need to relax with a nice piece of bakery and a good cup of coffee. Also maids may or may not be serving in the parlor.

1. I really like Pin-Up art
It's something I have always liked, maybe because of all the pictures I seen the women are all curvy and have a shape of a realistic womens body. Plus I love the style of clothes they wear, many people find it werid that I like the art.

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