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PsychoSoldier's blog

12:16 PM on 09.07.2010

More Than Just Noise: The Wheels Of Fate Are Turning

Rebel 1 FIGHT! This past year was amazing time for the fighters with releases like Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Marvel vs Capcom 2 HD and the amazing announcement of Marvel vs Capcom 3. With many releases one game stoo...   read

5:45 PM on 06.01.2010

The Great Escape: Middle School

This is what helped me survive middle school I will start off with saying that I did not go to a traditional middle school, from 4th grade to 8th grade I went to a catholic school but for the sake of this blog I will call m...   read

7:12 PM on 05.04.2010

Persona 3 FES: My Journey

This blog will contain spoilers! I have decided that I put this blog off for far to long and that now is the time to write it. With the upcoming release of Persona 3 PSP I feel I wanted to share with you the Destructoid co...   read

11:46 AM on 03.28.2010

If God Of War Was On The Wii

This somewhat dumb and highly funny idea came out of a late night skype call I had with GenkiJAM. Seeing as I have a boner for all things history, especially Ancient History, I was watching a show on Net Geo about the city of...   read

4:17 PM on 03.16.2010

Happy Birthday Destructoid and Niero!

I wasn't here in the beginning but when I did join and look back to now, this is a great group of people. I have met so many people and made lots of friends through Destructoid. Niero, many thanks to you for making one of the best gaming communities ever, here is to 4 more years of awesome! Here is a random anime chick with a sword for your viewing.   read

1:07 PM on 03.03.2010

Something About Sex: Something For The Ladies

When reading about this month's topic I thought it would be hard to write about since there is a whole mess of topics you can pick about sex in videogames. Writing about how sex is portrayed, the sexualization of characters...   read

7:39 PM on 02.20.2010

My Expertise: The Tekkenverse

Yep that is right people if there is one thing I know I am a expert about it's the Tekken storyline and yes there is a storyline. In all that jumble of characters, deaths, kangaroos and bears is a storyline that makes a M Ni...   read

6:49 PM on 01.20.2010

My swords/weapons, let me show them to you

If you have been around the fourms(lol) or the gayness that is IRC you would know that I love to collect swords and weapons but mostly swords. I don't know why I just find swords to be very noble and a great sign of power. Mo...   read

7:12 PM on 12.19.2009

Thank you DND Nerds(Short short blog)

So you guys know who you are and I gots your package today, so thank you. I must say that the book gave me a laugh and getting stuff like this in the mail is why the Destructoid community is full of win.   read

11:07 AM on 10.27.2009

Tekken 6 Arcade Unboxing(Shortblog)

Just picked up the Tekken Arcade bundle and here is the unboxing of it.   read

2:13 PM on 10.20.2009

Double Down: Day Late Edition

Yea it's a day late but I had to do this for the lulz. Sorry about my mic, it's the one built in on my laptop which hates me alot.   read

2:58 PM on 10.09.2009

FNF Brawl: It's the same but different

It's friday and that means it's time to Brawl. As always put your skype name and brawl code in the comments and be sure to login in at 10. pm central. Skype: PsychoxSoldier Brawl Code: 1033-0109-1815 Time: 10 pm Central   read

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