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PSN game Tank Battles on sale for $0.99!

Hey everyone! I haven't been on the cblogs recently due to all my coursework, and I plan to spend more time here once my semester's over, but I had to drop by to let everyone know that Tank Battles (originally known as Batt...


Mini Introduction (Albeit a little late...)

Hi everyone. I've been an avid reader of destructoid for some time now, but I've only just started frequenting the c-blogs. I just started posting and blogging here about a week or so ago, but I realized I haven't even introd...


Tales of Graces F gets Code Geass Costumes

I'm really starting to hate Namco Bandai. They take two of the things I love, the Tales series and Code Geass, and puts them together, but won't release this miraculous union in the states. Tales of Graces F will feature 4...


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Review

It's been 16 years since the Sonic's last 2D adventure on the Sega Genesis. Many games have followed starring our favorite blue hedgehog, but after the jump to 3D there were fans who missed the gameplay of the original seri...


About Protaone of us since 11:07 PM on 05.17.2010

I'm a video gamer looking to try his hand at video game blogging, reviewing, and journalism. I figure since I love games, I should write about them. So why not here? I'm willing to write for whoever wants to read my posts.

Some of my favorite genres include RPGs, Fighting, Action, and Platforming games. I'm willing to give most things a shot though.

I also want to get to know more people around the destructoid community and become a part of it myself. Hopefully you all will get to know me as I start to write and post more around the site.

Uh, can't think of anything else to say. >.< So...later!

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