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Jesus christ you people suck!

Seriously, you have nothing interesting to talk about. When the fuck did destructoid become the official home for Spam-happy, useless blog posting, self-important, trendy, portrait of myself in the act of subterfuge to-look-c...


Destructoid's play TF2?

I didn't realize so many Destructoider's play Team Fortress 2... Though I've yet to put my finger on who exactly he is, he deffinitely has the pick-up lines for the chicks and I'd like him to teach me some of his moves.


My GTA IV WKTT Radio Comments

I just called in to WKTT (for GTA4) to give my advice to all those in Liberty City. I wanted to document what I said some place so that if it does somehow manage to get in-game or even re-recorded by good voice over actors, t...


World in Conflict - Beta....to the max!

Been playing this for about 3 or 4 days now, and I just want to give some of you a run down if you're thinking about trying it. Originally Massive or Sierra bought into one of those shady deals to help keep Satan (fileplanet....


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