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Seriously, you have nothing interesting to talk about. When the fuck did destructoid become the official home for Spam-happy, useless blog posting, self-important, trendy, portrait of myself in the act of subterfuge to-look-cool in my avatar fuck-wats?!
ok the last one may have gone over a lot of your heads, but for fucks sake that's what I'm talking about.
I could give a fuck about your top 10 moments of orgasmic self indulgence while playing the game you FUCKING PLAY TO MUCH...I don't. Use the forum for that shit!

I also don't give a shit if you're trying to get in good with the moderators either, fuck off, they don't care about you nearly as much as they want your praise so - stop telling them thank you or disputing them in more useless fucking blogs, like a bunch of foul trying to get attention for more milk

Use the damn private message feature, it's there for a goddamn reason.

If you're going to talk about something, post something interesting!
Give us something worth reading, prove to us that what you're writing is post worthy and deserves acknowledgement from the community or go the FUCK AWAY cause your shitty posts are flooding away the interesting ones...

Let me give you an example of what the last month of blogs have been, ready?

A funnel of shit - READ ON - PLEASE CLICK THIS BLOG!

Watch me as I talk about how fucking great this game is - though I've played no other.

Jack Thompson did this, oh no, I have no fucking life.

This game is out NOW - even though you already fucking KNOW that!

What I'm doing right now! - 10 ways to live with your parents till you're fucking 45.

Check out what I just stole from another site that ORIGINALLY FUCKING POSTED IT!

Goddamnit, this site is turning into a goddamn myspace blog for gaming rejects...go back to myspace, SHOOO, SHOOO MOTHER FUCKER - GO! LISTEN TO YOUR IPOD AND THE SHINS WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO SUCK AT LIFE.

Just stay the fuck off destructoid.

Thank you!

Now if I can get serious for a moment. Something has happened that I think most decent human beings can understand, those with logic anyway. Something terrible, and without reason, with no rational explanation what so ever, a catastrophic, horrid, in fact putrid at times - disaster.
I'm talking about the 15 million stray dogs and cats out there that need homes. Please, do all that you can, regardless of this act of sentimentality, give all you can.

From the bottom of my heart God Bless and Happy Valentines day.

P.S. Stop inviting me to be your friend - I WILL FUCKING DELETE IT@!

This should make you feel better.


5:38 PM on 12.20.2007

I didn't realize so many Destructoider's play Team Fortress 2...
Though I've yet to put my finger on who exactly he is, he deffinitely has the pick-up lines for the chicks and I'd like him to teach me some of his moves.

What could I possibly write about?
How much it sucks not being able to find work doing what you love?
How much the kids now in days are so self-centered, pretentious, egominiacal cock-suckers with the attention span of a fly on shit?
Or maybe how those greedy, over-fortunate and over-paid writers are complaining about not being able to add even more money to their daily cash bath?
Or how the games of today really, really, really fucking blow, and how I've resorted to finding mods for games I played 8 years ago to help me cope?
How my Lacie 500GB harddrive went bad after only a year of use and I lost almost all the one of a kind footage to make Squarepusher's music video?
How I just spent over 2 grand to build my new comp only to have nothing to play with the exception of Solitaire at 200fps?
How nothing is sacred anymore?
How for some reason every now in then at least once a month my ballsack seems to be extremely big and saggy for no apparent reason other then making teabagging her easier?
Maybe how everything is so over glorified and phony?
How faggots seem to have nothing better to do then take photos of themselves with their $800 cell-phone, doing absolutely nothing but failing to look cool in their avatars?
How we live in a nanny-fascist run country?
Or how I nearly backhanded this bitch for trying to tell me not to smoke?
Or maybe how my car window is fucked up?
Or possibly how you're just a shitty php script and don't exist?

I guess I could post something, but I don't want too. Either way you got me to do it.

Pro 0, God 1.

P.S. I don't think you're funny either.

Ska software were co-winners of the Dream-Build-Play indie Xbox 360 development contest (I didn't make that name up) with their indie title; The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. What this means is their game stands a strong chance of making it to Xbox Live Arcade. Seeing that this game is 100% original content and not an old school arcade port with the good ol'upscale, I'll surely be keeping an eye for it, hell it may even be worth spending $12 for.
They shared the win with Blazing Birds, another original arcade game.

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai:

I just called in to WKTT (for GTA4) to give my advice to all those in Liberty City. I wanted to document what I said some place so that if it does somehow manage to get in-game or even re-recorded by good voice over actors, that I could look back on it and compare. You know, all that vanity whore shit I see so much of now in days. So pay no attention to this.

Yes, WKTT!, I'm a first time caller, long time listener...
I recently noticed that the IQ level of your listeners has dropped dramatically, I mean its fucking terrible!
A monkey could make more sense about the problems going on in this city than 50% of your retarded callers! I mean what the fuck is going on here!
No seriously, I own a monkey...screen your callers.

Ad Irony
What is with all these conveniently placed voice overs in video games now in days!? Have you noticed this? I have. It needs to stop, this is madness!

Some idiot just stole my car! He was wearing a black jacket and, this is 911 right? Oh dear...


WKTT # 212.360.2368 (NY,NY)
Have to state you name, then spell out your name then give the message(s).