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ProfessorBacon avatar 10:18 PM on 06.05.2014  (server time)
Some of my best worst Miiverse drawings.

After leaving a comment on an article regarding the Miiverse where I said most of what I do on the Miiverse is find people complaining about games and draw them as obscenely obese raging nerds, I noticed an odd amount of interest in that idea. Several users expressed their desire to follow me to check this out, so I figured, why not pick out a few of my best/worst drawings and share them with the Destructoid community, right here on the site?

Oh, and for those of you who know me from the comments section as that guy who won't stop talking about how much he hates the Wii U and Nintendo fans, yes, I am actually a Nintendo fan, and yes, I own a Wii U. Anyway, here's the pictures. I'm Lampo, all others have had their names blacked out because I respect their privacy. EDIT: I realize that the pics are too low-res to read the text, but it's not necessary. If you really want to know what they say, I'm afraid you'll have to check the gallery.

Some older drawings.

Drawing Mario interacting with the boss character I just beat is always fun.

Guy Fieri and my dog, who we call "Guy" (real name is Ziggy). One of them is a gross animal who will eat anything, and the other is a dog.

Luigi is not so brave without the Poltergust 5000, apparently.

Sometimes, I draw myself.

Sometimes, I draw other people and they like it for some reason.

This was probably a little too mean, but the moderators didn't care.

And finally, what do you do with all those stamps that games give you? Hell if I know, so I did this:

That's it for now. There's plenty more out there somewhere, but it's very difficult to track down comments you've made on Miiverse. I guess you can follow me if you want, but I make no guarantee of continued quality in my Miiverse usage. I do this at my convenience and for my own entertainment.

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