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Procyon says:

Spring BaltiNARP 2011 host personal highlights

// Submitted @ 12:52 PM on 05.16.2011

Another Baltimore/DC(/VA/NJ/NY/PA/DE) NARP has come and gone. Speaking for myself personally, it was a fantastic time from start to finish. For the sake of those who could not make it, here are a collection of 42 candid shots taken throughout the event (I'm the one in the "I'd Hit That" t-shirt). I'm not the greatest photographer... My fondest memories of the weekend include:

* Tino introducing me to the magic that is the recreation of the first Castlevania in Harmony of Dispair on XBLA
* Eeking out the rare win every now and then against Topher in Puzzle Fighter.
* Topher trying to get the Bearcow in the most frustrating level of Everybody ♥s Katamari until 5 in the morning, (only to do it the next day on the PS3)
* Watching my Street Fighter tournament-attending coworker duke it out against Nick in SSF4
* Watching my gf discover the joys of Pac-Man Vs. on the GameCube (and screaming every time she got caught)
* Changston's ridiculously delicious taco dinner (and equally delicious scrambled eggs breakfast)
* The surprise gifts given to Topher in honor of the first season anniversary of his incredible animated series, The Journalism Show. (FYI, they were homemade hand-puppets of Takayuki and Akiko)
* Cooking Mama competition... 'nuff said.
* Dong Dong Never Die is a hit!
* Driving to pick up pizza at 11pm - the only time the entire night when the sky opened up and the rain just poured down.
* Tetris Battle Gaiden very late into Saturday evening
* Tino can sleep through anything...

Hope you can make it to the next one!
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Those who have come:

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