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Procyon avatar 1:40 PM on 11.22.2010
BaltiNARP 2010 2: Host's personal highlights

After much anticipation, and a general smooth execution, the second Baltimore/DC NARP has come and gone. Most everyone has written to confirm that they had a great time, and I personally thought this NARP was a step up from the last one. Kudos to Dyganth's heroic efforts to procure a Kinect on Saturday morning for everyone else's entertainment. Here's a rundown of my personal highlights from the weekend. Pardon the liberal use of first names rather than handles.

* Discovering pictures of Hito in the actual ThinkGeek catalog.
* Trolling Tino about how much better Nick Chester is than him at Pac-Man CE DX... and just about everything else.
* Seeing Dance Central for the first time (Bloody's videos)
* Coming upstairs and finding Scott playing Moon Patrol on the Atari.
* Playing SSF4 with Nick and Hito, and laughing at Tino and Mark for playing the same exact game on their iPhone just to unlock Dee Jay.
* Watching Tino play through Super Meat Boy (and watching all the deaths on the replays)
* Changston exploring my neighbor's xmas decorations, temporarily losing Changston at the grocery store, and tasting the ramen he made for everyone that night.
* Nick Chester's rendition of "Mama Said Knock You Out"
* Watching players attempt to get through World 1-1 on the hacked Super Mario Bros. levels.
* Taking on Topher in Super Puzzle Fighter and eeking out a win or two while watching Changston play ParaPara Paradise out of the corner of my eye.
* Playing the Family Guy PS2 game until 3:30 in the morning for no good apparent reason.
* Tino discovering Special Project Y (or S.P.Y.) in MAME
* Me discovering Encore of the Night on Tino's iPhone (as well as Bug Panic on Topher's)
* Changston's chocolate chip pancakes.
* Watching Jon absolutely crush all on-comers in Soul Calibur IV unless they were Yoda.

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