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Procyon avatar 4:05 PM on 04.19.2010  (server time)
BaltimoreDC NARP Countdown: 4 days

So I'm pretty psyched to be hosting the next BaltimoreDC NARP. I figured I'd "vent" my excitement by blogging about it in some fashion each day until the NARP arrives. The topic of today's post will be: Why did I want to host a NARP?

Let's face it; for those of you who have attended a NARP, it's a pretty big undertaking, right? You got tons of people coming, some of which you know well, and some of which you don't. You need a fairly ample supply of food around for some quick grill meal making, let alone a seemingly infinite supply of snacks on hand nearly all the time. You need a space big enough to comfortably house people who will be crashing and staying over. And you need a fairly good number of systems set up for play. So the decision to be a NARP host can be a little daunting.

In considering whether I had the stones to step up to the task, and whether I could even come close to doing as good a job as my predecessor Hitogoroshi, I thought about where I live, which is basically bumblefuck northern Baltimore county. To many of the local Baltimorians, this is a bit of a hike in an out of the way area. But when I thought about all the people who would be driving from DC and VA, I realized the distance for them to my place wouldn't really be that much farther than it was to get to Hito's place.

2009 was a rough year for me personally, and in anticipation of 2010 being much better, I wanted some way to celebrate, and with a group of people who would appreciate the style I like to celebrate in as much as me. I have been to few parties that have been more fun for me to attend than the previous NARPs, so this seemed like a good decision. When talk sprang up about having a NARP at the beach in Ocean City, I wanted to provide people with an opportunity to attend a "traditional" NARP that wouldn't come with a lot of financial obligation. So I made the choice to volunteer my place and host the next NARP.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible. There was some confusion about the date, and I'm sorry that Agent Moo got kind of screwed out of coming as a result (although there's still a chance he can make it.) I'm excited and the preparations are well underway. At the moment there are at least six planned TVs/monitors to be set up, with more possible.

For those who will be coming: What are you most looking forward to?

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