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Procyon avatar 2:32 PM on 04.20.2010  (server time)
BaltimoreDC NARP Countdown: 3 days

Three days to go, and the preparation is well underway. I figured today I'd talk about what I will definitely be setting up around the house as far as game stations go. For those of you who checked out my [url=]game room post[url], that is but a sample of what to expect (although the ferrets have sadly passed away and the cage has since been removed from the room, so... no more stinky ferret pee smell.)

In the living room, the Xbox 360 and BlindsideDork's PS3 will be set up on the 46" flat screen.

In the office, I will connect the Dreamcast to a 22" widescreen VGA monitor.

Somewhere in the kitchen, probably on the dining table, I will set up a GameCube on a 27" TV for the proposed Zelda: Four Swords play through and other GameCube/GBA friendly games like Vs. Pac-Man.

On the opposite side of the kitchen on one of the counters somewhere, I will set up an Atari computer on a 13" TV, just for nostalgia's sake.

Downstairs in the basement (by the pool table), we will have a Saturn and a PS2 available to be played on another 27" TV.

Also in the basement, the Wii will be set up connected to the 34" HDTV tube.

Basically, if you can't find something to play on, I can't help you. Again, people are also welcome to bring their laptops and use the wi-fi.

Anyone got any useful suggestions?

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