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Procyon avatar 2:50 PM on 04.21.2010  (server time)
BaltimoreDC NARP Countdown: 2 days

2 more days to go until the guests will be arriving for the MD/VA/DC (+ PA) NARP, and the house is still in a bit of upheaval. But I'm working on it. The big thing is that I will be having maids over tomorrow to clean up the house from top to bottom before anyone arrives. People who I've shared this with have often asked me why I don't have the maids over AFTER the party. Well, the truth is I have neglected some of the upkeep in certain areas of the house, primarily downstairs, and it really is in need of some TLC. Cleaning up after the party will be easier if the house is starting from a good point.

Tonight will be mainly about cleaning off many surfaces, like the kitchen table, the coffee table in the living room, etc. It's amazing how much clutter I have. But I am positive I will be able to stash it all away during the party.

The next task will be to do a superficial test of all the systems, make sure they work, count up all of the controllers, etc. I managed to find my second GBA SP, and charged both of them up, so they are good to go for the Zelda: Four Swords fest.

There's been a lot of Bomberman talk in the email thread lately. I would honestly love to provide everyone with the opportunity to play 10 player Bomberman on the Saturn, but I neither have the multitaps or enough controllers on my own to make that a possibility. I only had one chance in my life to play it with 10 people, and it was the most Bomberman fun I've ever had in my life. It gets quite literally insane.

I haven't really gotten any responses to my recently posed questions, so I won't ask anything specific here, but if you have any comments or suggestions for the party, please share them. Thanks.

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