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Prince Wendell avatar 9:52 AM on 05.22.2010  (server time)
What do YOU folks want to read?

Hey 'toid!

I've been perusing the blogs of late, gleaning the arguments and memes, hearing the lament for a current dearth of content. Not that I think I can solve the problem single-handedly (of course not), but I'd like to get back on this blogging horse and actually be a part of this community more-better-like.

So I'm coming here with a question - what sort of writing would you guys find interesting? I'm not asking this just for myself - maybe if we all put our heads together to figure out what it is that really keeps us coming back to the c-blogs - the intellectual, the random, the nostalgic, the ornery (strongly worded, but rationally considered) - we can start to bottle some of that magic.

Mostly I would just like to keep you folks engaged - I know that a lot of writing is done for the sake of itself, and there's hardly a more noble endeavor. However, the instant audience and potential readership that can be found here are really what makes it special, and it seems silly to not consider what that audience wants to hear.

Looking at some of my previous blogs, I wrote some kind of retrospective stuff about older games that I was finally getting around to playing. I guess they were fine, for what they were - looking back at them, though, I'm not very satisfied for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's kind of hard to encompass the experience of a game in a good, solid post while still staying concise. Secondly, I had a tendency to fall into the usual routes of "man, this game still looks good for being made in 2005" or "wasn't that part where you got the new weapon awesome?" Valid thoughts, but everyone's had them before - the first time they played through the game, so I wasn't breaking any new ground. What I've lacked in some of my stuff is a real thesis - something to tie a post together, offer thoughts on a specific design or aesthetic choice to be found in a know, actually argue something, maybe.

So I may start trying to do some of those with a bit more focus. Another idea I've had is taking the "idle musings" form and stretching it out - doing kind of a diary-like writeup of the first time through a game, with posts once or twice a week or so, which could offer a more comprehensive portrait of a player's experience. The one I've had in mind is actually for the first Super Mario Galaxy - I just got my Wii (finally) about a week ago and have barely started playing any of the sweet games available for it, so it's a semi-logical option (and relevant, with the sequel coming out).

I would love to write more about current and new releases - problem is, my lifestyle just doesn't cater to them very much. A while ago, I was mostly unemployed so there was plenty of time to hit up the next big thing (assuming it wasn't on a system I didn't own...working on that problem). Now I've landed a full time job, so the problem is reversed - I have the money to throw down on the big-name games, but with limited time to play and a MONSTER of a backlog it's a tough nut to crack (also, the last time I actually bought a game on release day [Bioshock 2] I failed to blog about it entirely, like lame sauce).

Well, this is turning into the kind of ambling musing I was berating myself for earlier...oh well. Here's the skinny, folks - I just really dig what this community has, and I love reading other people's blogs (although I don't comment as often as I should...), and I would love to be a bigger part of everything. Thanks for reading the idle musings of a trying-to-get-oneself-motivated blogger, and now to end this post with the super-lame move of putting the onus of responsibility on you, dear readers...

What would YOU like to read?

P.S. Sorry for the wall of text - if I had Photoshop on my laptop I totally would have tried to whip up some bomb images, but alas.

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