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11:03 PM on 04.01.2009

Normally, I'm not a fan of replicating another artist's work or style, but the world that Baiyon presents in Pixeljunk Eden is phenomenal. Eden is my favorite PSN game and the visuals (not to mention the music) remain in my head long after I put down the controller.

Oils on canvas

I tried to keep the painting really simple. I have a tendency to clutter the entire canvas, so I decided to stop before I went overboard.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the painting. I decided to do the background in a little bit different style than the game in order to add a little bit of my style to it. The only thing that I might change is that it looks like there are pubes floating around in the bottom left corner of the painting.
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2:58 PM on 02.21.2009

Hello Destructoid, I hope everyone is having a thoroughly enjoyable weekend thus far. I am really hungover right now, but thought I'd take a break from playing Pixeljunk Monsters (best hangover game ever). I love checking out other Dtoid members gaming setups, so I think it's time to show you guys how I roll when I'm getting my ass kicked in SOCOM. 26" Sony Bravia, Sony 5.1 System, PS3 (80GB BC) Some people are graphics whores, I am a sound whore. When I play KZ2 I want bullets flying through my fucking skull. When I play PJ Eden, I want to be in the zone. When I play Noby Noby Boy, I want my neighbors to wonder what the hell is going on in my apartment. You get the idea. I would have liked to purchase a bigger system, but I won't be able to fit it in my bedroom. My TV's glamour shot.. Hi PSN friends! My sub/PS3 controllers As much as I love online gaming, nothing will beat local MP. PS3 Games Etc Ren & Stimpy DVDs, Transformers (Animated movie), Okami, GoWII, SotC, Street Fighter Blu Ray (ugh, I was drunk when I bought it), I think you can figure out what the rest of the games are. Not Pictured: PSN Games :P And yes, that is an autographed picture of Jesus. Sega Genesis, Multi-tap 4-way Play, controllers I love my Sega Genesis. Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere to put it right now. It sits up in a box in my closet and weeps all day. Yes, those are some badass games. Local multiplayer FTW! Yes, those are more badass games. Starflight, Game Genie, Blockbuster Video cleaning kit Starflight is the greatest game ever, so I had to photograph it separately. Game Genie was the only way I could get through games like Jurassic Park. I am old, does anyone else even have a cleaning kit anymore? Some Janky 30 Whatever-Inch Westinghouse This is the "other" HDTV. I'm considering hooking up my Sega to it but it's not in my room and not as cool. It usually just sits around playing DVDs and what not. Old Dell Computer, Surround Sound Speaker This is my old computer. It can still run Starcraft and Max Payne, I think that's all that matters. Ghetto Laptop Here is my ghetto laptop. Some of the keys are busted on it. I only really use it to read stuff while on the shitter. My current painting I'm currently working on Pixeljunk Eden inspired painting. My view of downtown Phoenix I leave you with my view of downtown Phoenix. The weather is nice today, it's a cool 75 degrees. I hope you guys enjoyed the time we spent together, enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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