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Prank's blog

5:15 AM on 01.23.2008

Mario afraid of his Dry Cleaning

Not sure what's going on but it's funny.


Thanks Kotaku!   read

12:48 AM on 01.22.2008

boredom at work =

I was bored at work earlier so I decided to use our store communication board since it wasn’t being used for anything at the time.   read

1:40 AM on 10.15.2007

Crouching Spartan Hidden Faggot.

Pretty much everyone hates Halo, but loves to play it... I'm in that group. One thing I hate and will never like is the fucking Radar. 1. Why the fuck does crouching make you disappear off of radar. What kind of Radar is only good when people are standing. 2. Why do you even have Radar in the Ranked playlists, I could see the social playlists but ranked... come on Bungie! It's worse on some maps than others but it's gotten to the point where you have one team crouching in a room just waiting to see the red dots of the enemy on radar just so they can rush the person that's not playing like a complete asshole. I understand Bungie wanted to make it easy for the people that suck at games but seriously, make a Pro Matchmaking or something so people that are actually good can compete without Radar.   read

7:59 PM on 10.07.2007

ban on videogames = death.

"10-yr-old commits suicide after parental ban on computer games

According to 'SpiritIndia' a 10 year old school boy committed suicide by jumping from a 19th floor apartment a short while after his parents actively banned him from playing computer games. His parents banned the use of computer games following the child's poor school performance which triggered him to commit suicide. Local experts have gone on to express concerns over the high level of dependence children have on computers."

Videogames - 3 (I think... according to that one Jack guy anyway.)
Parents - 1

Now I guess we need to wait a day or two for Jack Thompson's response and then we can all make fun of the stupid things he says.   read

1:36 AM on 09.24.2007

My follow-up call to Microsoft today.

In one of my posts below I talked about how my 360 red lighted while playing Space Giraffe. That was three weeks ago. I called Microsoft when my 360 originally broke and they told me they would send me a prepaid shipping box and it would arrive in 3-5 days. So I was fine with that since they said the Turn around time was going to be two weeks and I would have my 360 back in time for Halo 3. well two weeks went by with no box on my doorstep. Realizing I wouldn't have my 360 back in time for Halo 3 anymore I went out and picked up an Elite last week. So it's been three weeks now so I decided to follow-up on my prepaid shipping box to see they chopped down the tree, made the cardboard, formed it into a box and shipped it out yet. Turns out that they were updating the computer system at the time of my call and the box was never shipped out. So they have a record of when I called and why I called but the order couldn't be shipped. Makes a lot of sense to me... really. Come on Microsoft get it together already. I know five people in the last 3 weeks that have had the red light problem. Microsoft has all of these smart people working for them yet they can't fix a problem that is affecting nearly one third of 360 owners.   read

11:40 AM on 08.31.2007

Xbox 360 Concept car red lighting?

This Xbox 360 car is the winner of the 4th Peugeot's Design Contest and it's going to be making it's way into PGR4. Looks pretty cool but if you look closely you can see that the 360 on the dash appears to be red lighting. Just what you need in the middle of a PGR4 race.   read

7:38 PM on 08.27.2007

Space Giraffe is too visually intense for the 360.

I was playing Space Giraffe the other day and it's probably the most fun I've had with a game in a long time. It's a visual trip and I guess the 360 can't handle visuals that fucked up because about 10 min. into one of my many Space Giraffe sessions the video got all fucked up and my 360 red lighted. Now after about 10 minutes of my 360 being on it does the same thing. Perfect timing too since Super Puzzle Fighter is being released this week on arcade, thanks Microsoft!   read

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