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PraiseChaos avatar 4:13 PM on 03.08.2008  (server time)
Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

I present my gaming/main coding PC. I used to play Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat quite a bit, but I've had to cut back because of school. I'm going to invest in Team Fortress 2 pretty soon so I'll be able to shoot Caffeine in the face (or just get shot myself...)

This rig includes (more or less):

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
ATI x1800GT
ASUS M2R32-MVP Motherboard
1 Gig x 2 of Corsair XMS DDR
2 x Western Digital Raptors 37gb
Swifttech MCP-55 water pump w/ Swifttech Apogee GT waterblock (I think)

This is the top of my machine. You'll notice the box fan to the right. I've been too lazy to put real 120mm fans on my radiator, so I use that for the moment. It works fine, but it's a pain to take that to LANs. ;)

The big black thing is my radiator. Everything else are random stickers and things I've collected from LANs or random events over the years.

Here's the first picture of inside my PC. You'll see my waterblock and some random other things.

This picture is a picture of a rat's nest. I've failed at cable management lately.

Here's my monitor and things. I've got a gaming mouse pad, a Logitech MX500, and a wireless keyboard that I use for gaming, but they're all spread out between my living room and computer room. I didn't feel like taking the time to gathering it all back up.

Also, my dog says hai dtoid!

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