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PraiseChaos's blog

4:13 PM on 03.08.2008

Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

I present my gaming/main coding PC. I used to play Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat quite a bit, but I've had to cut back because of school. I'm going to invest in Team Fortress 2 pretty soon so I'll be able to shoot Caffei...   read

2:52 PM on 01.29.2008

Psych Prof's View On Mass Effect and Cooper Lawrence

Cooper Lawrence is pretty ignorant, and I enjoyed watching the drama unfold as gamers took it on themselves to fix her ignorance. I started to wonder how other psychologists actually feel about this woman and what she has to...   read

8:08 PM on 01.24.2008

Mario Star Cupcake!

Being in an apartment building occupied by video game nerds has quite a few advantages, especially when one of them is a girl who knows how to make Mario-themed cupcakes. That's right. She gave me cream-filled, chocolate cupcakes shaped like Mario Stars. Just thought I'd share this before I ate them all.   read

10:55 PM on 01.06.2008

CES Reaction: The Future of the 360 Makes Me Angry

In my opinion, Microsoft's Xbox-related announcements at CES 2008 was absolutely craptastic. Although Microsoft promised everyone a big Xbox announcement, all I heard were things I really didn't care about. Disney and ABC...   read

12:53 PM on 12.20.2007

My First Experience With Rock Band and Drunks

Rock Band is an amazing game. The game is so awesome that we were actually able to get one of our professors to try it out in our Student Union once. True story. That's the crappy YouTube video above. From the moment I ...   read

9:42 PM on 12.01.2007

Bioshock DLC Coming This Week

According to The Cult of Rapture website, a new patch and downloadable content will be available for Bioshock on the 360 and PC this week. The new content will be available separately from the patch that will be release simultaneously. The PC content will be bundled with the patch. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait and see the list of DLC and bug fixes when the patch is released. :(   read

9:12 AM on 11.18.2007

Assassian's Creed - PS3 Vs. Xbox Comparison Video

I think the gaming world has been lit ablaze by Assassian's Creed. Reviewers don't seem to want to tell me if it's any good or not. Hell, my friends can't even agree on if it's worth my time and hard earned money. One thin...   read

3:24 PM on 11.16.2007

How Destructoid Gained a Room Full of Fans... By Accident...

So, I was one of the winners of the Jericho contest. That particular picture of me pretty much went all over my college campus. All of my friends KNEW I had won something because of that crazy picture. People I'd never met...   read

7:28 AM on 11.16.2007

MS Tech Support has no sense of humor...

So, my 360 died. No red ring of happiness and funny fart cakes or anything like that... It just started locking up when I tried to play games. After calling Microsoft Tech Support and getting disconnected twice, I finally ...   read

11:28 PM on 09.03.2007

My PC Screams "BETRAYAL" When Loading The Contest Post

In case you've been living under a rock, Destructoid has a contest running that requires you to post in the comment section using the word "BETRAYAL" in a sentence. Well, it's getting ridiculously difficult to think up new u...   read

8:38 PM on 09.02.2007

Upcoming Games That Will Make Me Fail Out Of College

The semester has started, and that realization upsets me. Papers are being written. Projects are being developed. That's all fine and dandy, but all I really want to do is earn achievements, earn Pro status on Wii Sports, ...   read

5:22 PM on 08.31.2007

My God of War Header: Yeah, It's Pretty Bad...

Obviously, I'm not very good with The GIMP. I threw this header together while I had time this weekend, so that I can get 30 more ballets in the PS3 drawing. I'm pretty ashamed of it, but I decided to go ahead and post th...   read

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