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12:44 AM on 02.16.2010

games as... rides?

So the UK has some awesome rides. They keep doing weird tie-ins with video games, though, that don't necessarily make sense. Example: Playstation The Ride

Source: JohnBurke on flickr]

No, yeah.. this thing was for real. A generic drop tower ride... called Playstation: The Ride. And at a well-known amusement park in the UK, too - Blackpool Pleasure Beach! It's since been re-named (thank GOD), but wtf?!

The US does it, too!
Example: Tomb Raider: The Ride(s)

Source: Coaster Radio

Yup. Also for real. They were at Paramount Parks, but have since been re-named. At least these kinda went with the theme of the games.


This year, one of the UK amusement parks (for some reason) decided to RENAME one of their coasters Sonic Spinball. I'm all for Sonic... and roller coasters... but is this silly? Maybe.

Also silly.. apparently they are now having a problem with a real life squirrel that lives somewhere in the park jumping onto the coaster because it likes to ride it.. especially while there are people on board. However, humans apparently don't like riding with squirrels. See this article:

Anybody else know of other video game rides that are just as ludicrous?!   read

1:14 PM on 09.09.2009

I'm an iPod Fan, but... C'mon Apple!

Did anybody else catch Apple's iPod event this a.m.? Lots of demos of new games for iPods, but they made a comment basically saying that Sega and Nintendo have nothing on Apple when it comes to a gaming experience. I think this is a crock. How many people were showcasing and playing iPhone/iPod games at PAX? None. Ok fine. Next to none. Hard core gamers just aren't switching to iPod games.

While Apple does have a great new platform for the gaming community and a lot of great game apps for that platform, I just don't see a huge switch in that direction for real gamers. At least not yet. Scrabble? Tetris? Wurdle? Sure. First person shooters with sucky frame rate and slowdown? Yeah not so much. I admit, I have games for my iPhone, but do I play them all the time? Not really. Nowhere near as much as my DS. I don't want clumsy controls that share the screen with my graphics when I need precision movement!!

Drop the cocky attitude already, Apple. You're just not there. At least not yet.   read

1:50 PM on 09.08.2009


My first PAX was amazing. Had so much fun, met a lot of new people and saw some kickass new games. Can't wait for next year. Here are some of my pix. Next year, I need to bring my point & shoot so I can have more drunken photos. Haha. You can see all of my pics on my flickr:

Travis blowin' smoke @ GameWorks

Mike freaked out by rogue joystick monster ghost thing

Most random find in arcade ever

Bagel breakfast... mmm!

Look who we found! I have met two "Wongs" in my life and both are crazy fun!

Turtle Time

3D is the future?

Dtoid Panel: The Musical

Seriously tall

Time to head home. Sad face.   read

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