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Portable Ninty avatar 3:37 PM on 07.29.2013  (server time)
Wicked Cool Ultimate Badass 3DS XL Accessories for you, go!

There is no shortage of accessories available for the 3DS and XL.  From spare stylus pens to cases of all shapes.  Some of us love our accessories while some only use the bare minimum, if any at all.  What you'll find here are five accessories for the XL that I, personally, recommend.  Two of them are necessities while the other three are optional.

A 32GB SD Card

This should be obvious.  If you're planning on getting a 3DS or XL, go ahead and get yourself a good 32GB card.  It's going to be holding a lot of cool stuff and the card the systems come with just won't cut it for long.  You're free to shop around but here's a link to newegg with cards sorted by rating for you.

Hori brand screen protectors

There are tons of screen protectors on the market but none of them are as good as Hori ones.  They install very easily, I did mine in about ten minutes (because I take my time and like to get it right) with not a single air bubble.  You can't even tell they're on. Some quick tips for installation.  1) Clean your screens with a good LCD cleaner.  I use wipes. 2) Use compressed air to make sure you've blown any tiny debris off the screens.  3) Take your time and read the directions.  They're the best on the market and they're cheap too!  You'll have to replace them some time so order more than one pack.

The Circle Pad Pro

For any game that supports it, this thing is a wonderful piece of equipment.  It also makes your 3DS/XL more comfortable to hold.  I've previously stated how important this little attachment is for MH3U and it'll be just as vital for the forthcoming MH4.  I haven't had to change the battery yet and I've clocked in a very good amount of time with it. $20, straight from Nintendo.  Get it.

MugenPower 3DS/XL Battery

I had one of these on my original 3DS and I plan to get one for my XL.  The amount of extra power these things put out is astonishing.  Their claims aren't just bullshit, these things might be expensive but they do what Mugen says they do.  Totally worth it if you're constantly on the go with your 3DS/XL but don't or can't use a charger.  Here's a link, for you lazies.

Turtle Beach NLa Headset

I do not own one of these but I know those who do and they love them.  For any game that supports them (forgive me, I could not find a list), they sound fantastic.  Especially for their reasonably low price point.  There is a more expensive model but these do the job quite nicely and they're a good $20 cheaper.  I plan on buying myself some when there's a game I want to play with others that supports them.  Shop around but here's Turtle Beach product page for them.

So, there you have it.  I didn't cover cases because they're largely personal preference and while it's certainly true that you can enjoy your 3DS/XL just fine without any of these, having them makes you four inches taller and cures horrible diseases in small puppies*.  So, do your part and pick them up.  You can thank me later.

*Buying any of these won't cure terminally ill puppies of anything.

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