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Portable Ninty avatar 7:47 PM on 07.27.2013  (server time)
The hunt of the day, more Animal Crossing, and my sad friend's list.

I have a tiny 3DS friend list.  How tiny, you ask me?  No one.  Not a single friend do I have registered.  Why?  Well, while it's true that I'm pretty damn unsocial, I just don't get out much to meet other gamers.  One, because I don't like crowds and two because I don't make friends easily.  That and it looks odd for a 35 year old neck-beard to be chatting up the teenagers and early 20's people that hang out a most game stores.  So, point being, I have no problem adding people from this website because it's full of like-minded folks that I would enjoy interacting with.  I know this because I've been lurking around for a very long time.  Add me, let me know it, and I'll gladly add you in return. Friend code 2552-1290-5652.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Look at it!  Just look!

My AC town has a dirt problem.  It's spreading.  I don't really know why because I NEVER touch the B button to run in my town.  But, there it is, dirt.  The bane of everyone's Animal Crossing town.  After the shit storm that Nintendo faced due to the horrible grass issue in City Folk, it boggles the mind that they'd keep the "feature" at all.  It adds not a damn thing to the game.  It makes towns an ugly place and it hinders players.  In short, it sucks and I don't like it.

Thanks for the ever so helpful "feature", Nintendo.

To combat the problem, I battle dirt with flowers.  All kinds of them.  I water them daily and try not to walk over the sections of dirt that I'm trying to get grass to grow on.  This tends to be a bit of an issue though as most of the places I'm trying to fix are in high traffic, must walk through, areas.  Like in front of bridges or right in front of my damn house.  Supposedly, Nintendo reduced the amount of time it takes grass to regrow.  Great, but it would have been better to not make it wear away at all.

Dear Capcom, patch in a screenshot feature, please.  Thanks. 

Today, I've found myself hunting the Gigginox for Uncanny Hides so that I could make the Black Coffin Hunting Horn.  It took way less time than I expected considering the low drop rate.  Gigginox is such an annoying little twat.  It helped a lot that I was using the Qurupeco horn which provides me with Earplugs (L) and I am wearing a full set of Wroggi (gemmed with Maestro jewels) which gives me Negate Poison.  But, even though those things made it easier, I still can't stand fighting it.  I do appreciate the design though, very cool little monster.  Hooray for Low Rank triumphs!  Also, the Black Coffin is pretty damn sweet.  Now I just need to find a talisman with at least +5 status to trigger the skill since the Wroggi armor leaves you at 5 and 10 is the threshold.

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