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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 5:29 PM on 06.22.2013  (server time)
XBOX NO BLAZBLUE FOR YOU, And I'm going to speculate why....

The first full fledged sequel to Blazblue is on the way. Blazblue Chronophantasma. To the dismay of many an XBOX 360 or XBOX One port is not in the cards. I AM A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE Arc Systems works fan. Guilty Gear is always a favorite of mine despite it's criminally high Street Fighter II Like upgrades. The Muisc of Guilty Gear and Blazblue are in high rotation of my playlists as well.

Very recently I went back to Blazblue continuum shift on 360 and found the game alot more accessible than I remembered it to be. I skipped Extend thinking it would be more of the same When Chronophantasma was announced for PS3 and ONLY PS3 I didn't hesitate in my decision to finally get a PS3 though it is a big odd that this sequel to a great fighter is heading to PS3 and ONLY PS3.... Or is it?

The Best version of Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear XX #Reload was in the US XBOX Exclusive and it sold REALLY REALLY WELL, but oddly Guilty Gear Slash and Accent core skipped XBOX entirely, with accent core only recently hitting XBLA and PSN. BlazBlue it self was never intended to go on the XBOX 360 to begin with as it was announced as a download only PSN fighter. I'm glad the game went retail and I am glad that the game
did hit the 360 and it's semi sequel Continuum Shift also did. In the case of Guilty Gear the XBOX was being phased out and the 360 wasn't a sure fire hit yet. So they played it safe. The same extended to Blazblue but eventually the choice was made to bring it to
360. Probably to increase sales in the was as the PS3 wasn't doing too hot at the time.

But why is Chronophantasma going PS3 and ONLY PS3? I think we're going to see a trend in the near future that smaller Japanese Studios are going to for go XBOX Releases
Big Japanese Publishers like Square, Konami, and Capcom will all release XBOX games but smaller ones Like Ark Systems works, Atlus if they even still exist then and a few others are going to skip XBOX, and I THINK the reason is Japanese developers are getting tired of Microsoft's shit. We've heard about Region Locking being OK for some developers like
Qute and Cave but NOT for others like G.Rev. We've heard about Namco being denied
Tekken Revolution's release on XBLA. And in the west indie devs are taking about what a pain in the ass Microsoft is to deal with.

BlazBlue Chronophantasma being PS3 only I think is a sign of many things to come...
Japanese studios don't want to put up with Microsoft's bullshit whatever that bullshit may be. Sales could be a factor too, but I'd be willing to bet Microsoft is being a real pain in the ass about letting these developers get their games on their hardware. which is unfortunate for us gamers not every one like me is in a position to buy a new console to play one game.Though in my week with a PS3, I'm thinking I should have gotten one to begin with.

Lets hope Microsoft gets their shit together....but the XBOX One isn't going to release in Japan so.... who knows, Maybe the PS4 is for you if you're a fighting game person like me.....

But hey there uh...Killer Instinct right?

By the way..... I would like to have dirty anime sex with Noel Vermillion....just throwing that out there

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