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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 9:04 AM on 06.20.2013  (server time)
What does Nintendo do now?

Yesterday was a victory for Digital rights. I had a feeling Microsoft would do something after all we hated Vista we got 7, We hated the new Start menu and we got the Start button back. Microsoft DOES listen to backlash. Everyone that said it wouldn't work owes me an apology. But it's not all good news kiddies. Becasue Nintendo is kinda  fucked now. With Microsoft's DRM policies Nintendo was a great shape people would buy a WII U alongside the PS4 and they'd have all the gaming they'd need for the next decade or at least until Nintendo decided to make another console. But with Microsoft being forced to change their mind Nintendo isn't in such a good position.  The 3DS will keep Nintendo alive for the time being but they need to start thinking long term and here are a few ideas I have that might Help Nintendo out.

BRING BACK OLDER FRANCHISES F-FUCKING ZERO, EVERYBODY is screaming for a new one yet Nintendo doesn't think we want it. It's great Kid Icarus came back, how about a Wii U Kid Icarus game? New Custom Robo? Giant Doshin and give it a western release? I'm not even doing justice here. Nintendo has a huge backlog they can utlizie and keep them alive but instead they shove Mario up our ass.

KEEP MARIO TO 1 or 2 innovative games per generation. Remember when a New Mario game was a big fucking deal? N64 has Mario 64 and Paper Mario. THAT WAS IT that was all they needed. THE SNES Has Super Mario World and that was it, Yoshi's island was totally different. Now Mario is being whored out because Nintendo is creatively bankrupt YEAH I SAID IT. Nintendo doesn't know what we want, and won't ask us so........MARIO. I'm sure those yearly Mario games are good but where's the innovation and console defining features of these new Marios? Keep it up Nintendo, and we'll have a Mario cycle.


That LOOKS next gen it's gorgeous and exactly what I'd expect from an HD Zelda.
Instead Nintendo pulls the same shit they did with the Gamecube. Awesome Tech Demo........Wind Waker. FUCK WINDWAKER. Give us a New game not a remade game nobody wanted to begin with. Yes it did find it's fans but see that video? THAT IS THE ZELDA WE WANT!

SE-GA  Exclusive Sonics will help the WII U. But how about a new Nights DONE RIGHT, a new Ristar, a new Billy Hatcher? Strong Sega support could really help Nintendo out.

Have Miyamoto handpick a Successor Video game Walt Disney isn't going to be around forever. He'll either drop dead on the 300th Mario game for WII U or he'll retire to his garden. Either way he won't be around forever and somebody needs to pick up his ball and run with it. Have him mentor, send him on a tour of reputable game design programs to teach the next generation of Programers and designers. If his knowledge isn't passed down, When he gone. Nintendo is so fucked they'll envy a girly prison inmate.

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