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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 10:28 PM on 08.29.2013  (server time)
What a last couple of days ugh

Guys, tempting as it may be, don't buy vintage import games on Amazon through international sellers. Their Incompetence will lead to MANY headaches.

A Seller I typically deal with who is usually very good made a few mistakes that, Cost them $100, Cost me $100, left amazon Customer service with a mess to clean up and me with 2 games I don't even want to play now until I make sure they are actually paid for.

This seller and I will not use their name I will just state they are a Middle man in Germany
they get what you order, but talking to them it's impossible. They are quite confusing and I have in the last 48 hours spent 4 hours talking to them. What started as "Where's my shit" Turned into "Refund" in between that was a fake tracking number and a correct one that showed no activity. You know what the problem was? I was notified of shipment LONG BEFORE they actually shipped it out so because of that it was assumed lost, until the package mysteriously shows up today. Becuase I got a refund, after they bullshitted me and had ME talk to Amazon Customer service becuase of how they were wording e-mails. I have to Refund their refund. 

Not the first time this has happend, in this case YES the items did show up the last time with another direct seller based in Japan my shit never came at all, in fact they weren't even sure if they shipped it.

UGH Maybe I should try Ebay?

Aquapazza and Gundam Extreme VS are not worth 5 hours of my life and being physically ill the next day because of all the needless frustration I was put through because the seller can barely fuckin speak English.

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