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His all time favorite console is the Saturn. His Genres of choice or Shmups and Fighters. He HATES Nintendo.

His Holiness Pope the Rev The 28th. Is a gamer, Philosopher, Psychologist, Guilty Gear XX #Reload GOD and former cult You Tube Personality. Today he rambles on Destructoid. Forgive his spelling and Grammer, he doesn't have time to send everything he writes to his proof readers.

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I did some light Grocery shopping tonight and I also picked up a $20 PSN to make my first purchases off PSN. The Games I got? Super Star Soldier, Soldier Blade and Zanic X Zanic. Yep his holiness is getting his Shmup on.

I get this warn fuzzy feeling when I hear 16 and 8 bit music. Just listen to this song from Soldier Blade.


Then you have a game like Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds with out it's epic 16 bit style soundtrack it would just be a generic Guardian Heroes clone but with this:

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! Note to self: when you plug your 360 in again buy that game.

It doesn't always work. Scott Pilgrim had Chiptunes up the ass and I hate that game, Also pretty much everthing Scott Pilgrim related I hate. References for the sake of References do not make something classic.

Maybe it's just becuase that's the shit I grew up with or maybe I just really like music through hardware limitations. I think being limited in what you can do allows you to be MORE creative than if you have a Pixar level Graphics card and 8 to 16 Gigs of Ram.
Look at Mega Man 9 and 10 and how creative they got Mega Man 9 especially has not only some of the best music of the Series but the best weapons and they tried to stay with in the NES Technical Limitations.

It's not all old school music, I like SNES tunage don't get me wrong but the more limited you get the more I like it so I'm more likely to Rock some Mega Drive/Genesis, NES or PC Engine music than something on the SNES. I also think if I enjoy the music in that style, I will more than likely enjoy the game. It's Great Music that's kept Castlevania immortal all these years even after you realize what a crazy difficult mess it is. Same with Ninja Gaiden.

Good Chiptunes and a Semi playable game that's all  you need and that is what I think the game industry needs right now.

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