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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 9:56 AM on 06.12.2013  (server time)
Thoughts on Tekken Revolution

One of my first acts as a new PS3 owner was to download the new Free to Play Tekken. I am A HUGE HUGE HUGE Tekken fan and on 360 I've put hours into Tekken Tag 2 even Harada told me to take a break I was playing it so much at launch.  So when I found out the DAY I got my PS3 a new Free to play Tekken was hitting PSN, I knew what my first act as a Playstation 3 owner would be.

The Download took FOREVER When it was done I was greated by a EULA and the game authentcates it self. This is a game that unless it can connect to a server WILL NOT FUNCTION. So if that sort of thing bothers you Tekken Revolution is not for you.  But for what this game it it's not a big deal for me. There's no intro just a gold title screen. The Menu Music is this annoying oh ah oh aaaaaaoh ooooooooh aoh ohhhhhhhh Emo band crap.

You are limited to two arcade mode play throughs per hour unless you buy more coins to let you play more. The Same goes for Online. Playing through either Arcade, Ranked and player match gets you gold, not to customize your character and give them spiffy new outfits but to make them stronger in 3 areas, Strength, Something else and Vigor. It's neat but really just a gimmick. 

You get 8 characters to start with and chances are, YOUR MAIN IS NOT PLAYABLE. No Nina and No Bob for me. BUT my other main Lili IS playable and Asuka is there as well and she plays enough like Jun anyway. The remaining characters are Kazyua, Bryan, King, Jack 6, Paul, and Lars. I think Law is in there as well. Not a huge roster but a decent on for a free to play game. Every plays the same and nobody is nerfed.

Graphically it's not as polished as other tekken games everything has an odd sheen to it and the background while all taken from Tekken Tag 2 have less details and things going on. The Music, SUCKS It's not your typical Tekken fare. Online is smooth enough it's played in a best 3 out of 5 layout.

I don't really know who this game is for. If you have Tekken Tag 2 on PS3 you don't need this game. If you're a New PS3 owner like I am and need a quick Tekken fix until you can get Tekken Tag 2 This might be a good distraction, Playing this game is best when you're downloading something in the background or just want a quick fix of something before you have to be somewhere. But it won't replace Tekken Tag 2.

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