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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 7:38 AM on 03.24.2014  (server time)
Things I want to see in Kingdom Hearts III and whats up with SSFIV AE on PS3?

This Blog is brought to you by The Muppets Most wanted Soundtrack. I saw The Muppets Most wanted yesterday afternoon. I say with no irony that I think it's the best Muppets movie I've ever seen. Then again I'm not the biggest Muppets fan. I have always had a thing for Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais is responsible for one of the few watchable Simpsons episodes of the last 15 years. So that factors in. So what does The Muppets Most wanted have to do with Kingdom Hearts?

Disney of course The amount of shit Disney owns now gives Kingdom Hearts III the potential to be the most batshit insane letter to fanboys ever. The Problem is Kingdom Hearts presents it self as being dead serious, Oh and Donald is annoying as shit too. If Kingdom Hearts III lets go of taking it self too seriously and embraces the batshit insanity it has the potential to be. Imagine replacing Donald with Deadpool? A Summon that brings out the Muppet's Animal to go apeshit on everything on screen. A Star Wars world is too obvious but give us that. A Marvel hub world. Phineas and Ferb playing a large role in the story (fuck Gravity Falls) Final Fantasy Characters coming out the ass. Why not toss in Brave Fencer Musashi too. Think about it if Kingdom Hearts stopped being dead serious and just presented it self as some nightmarish Comicon from hell the possibilities are both epic and hilarious. That's all I really want out of Kingdom Hearts III A games that doesn't take itself seriously. Cuz I'm not buying a 12 year old boy with clown shoes saving the souls and hearts of people. There have been less believable things in gaming but I just can't take Sora seriously as a hero. He's just Shota porn bait. If Maleficent wasn't such a bitch and the battle system wasn't so awesome I doubt I'd enjoy Kingdom Hearts as much as I do.

Some controversy has popped up with EVO abandoning the global tournament standard PS3 and switching to 360s for SSFIV AE. Rumors are that the PS3 drops frames (unfounded as countless people actually have attested the PS3 version is arcade perfect) or that Microsoft pretty must just bought off EVO. But After spending a few days this weekend inbetween watching Japanese B-movies and going to see Muppets most wanted and FINALLY Beating Mega Man 6, I was playing SSFIV AE 2012 with my new Qanba Q4RAF and the stick is squeeky (actually it's the down and right microswitches) and I think 2 nuttons are. Easy fix I swapping the Sanwa buttons out with purple Semitsu buttons and I'm looking for a ASCII CVS stick to cannibalize and take the optical sanwa sensor out, I used to have one but tossed it after something inside broke that I never figured out.

Anyways since I started playing SSFIV AE on PS3 something does seem off. The thing is I don't know if it's me, the Game, My Stick or the fact that MAYBE PSN SSFIV AE 2012 players are simply, just better than me. I do fine in Arcade mode with some of my inputs not going through but once I put effort into doing the moves I'm good. I managed to get the no continues Trophy with Ken and Ken did everything I told him. I ALMOST got the Beat the game with Yun no continues Trophy but Seth decided to be an asshole. So I don't think it's my stick. Being able to do a few things on PS3 I can't on 360 I don't think it's the PS3 version nor my PS3's Video settings. The Fact I'm consistently getting my ass kicked on PSN and only ALMOST winning matches is making me lean towards I just suck and need to bone up my skills and that people who play on XBOX Live are scrubby idiots and PSN is the Big Time.

Hopefully I can sort all this out before Ultra comes out.....

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