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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 2:49 PM on 06.14.2013  (server time)
The XBOX Refugee Part 2- It's Raining No More Heroes

I'm starting to get the hang of the PSN store now and I'll probably start picking games off off PSN soon There's ALOT I want on there. But really what I want to talk about are the games I've been playing. So lets get to it.

MORTAL KOMBAT- I Swear this game looks better on PS3 than it does on 360. Story Mode however has some blockiness in the video though I noticed. Sore thumb from the Duel Shock 3 not with standing I am enjoying this game more with the small extras on PS3 over 360. MK 2011 is one of my favorite games this gen on either system. I was however mostly disappointed with how Kratos Played and how uninspired his fatalities were. The new stage however is great.

Heavy Rain- If somebody asked me Rev, what do you think it's like to have Autism? I'd sit them down with a Copy of Heavy Rain. This is the WEIRDEST game I have ever played where just moving is a struggle. The Voice acting is horrible and the first 20 minutes. Well the first 20 minutes is probably why I think this is the first video game that has Autism.  It's a weird weird game I'm having trouble getting into but after I stopped playing it couldn't stop thinking about it and not for it's story just for how bizzare it is. If any game is a case for Games as Art it's Heavy Rain.

No More Heroes Hero's Paradise- Suda51 Owes me Royalties I think Travis Touchdown is me. I don't hug posters and say "Moe" but I am a huge Wrestling and anime fan. Granted this is technically a port of a Wii Game with new controllers and upscaled graphics but I am having fun with it, Combat is unique the use of the Six Axis is great (I wonder how the Japan Only 360 version plays without motion controls) It's a Suda51 game and I love Suda51 games.

Katamari Forever- I'm a casual fan of Katamari this series is not something you spend hours on but play when there's nothing else to play and just want to see crazy shit happen. It does use the Sixaxis qutie well and I like the new Graphical style. It's an Improvement over Beautiful Katamari on 360 where half the Game was DLC though.

Under Defeat HD- The first half of the straw that broke my back with Microsoft was hearing how this game was blocked from being Region free on 360 and that it was also passed over for Release in the US. It's On 360 in Japan and Europe but not in the US and as such I picked this game up with my PS3 because one can never have enough shmups. It's a hard game because you don't have a small hit box like in Cave shooters.
I made an episode of Shmup the fuck up where I'm playing it that I'll post later this weekend.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend - The Straw that finally broke my back with XBOX was that BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma would NOT grace the 360. At that point I knew something was up if Japanese developers were moving away from the 360 (Cave isn't doing 360 games anymore either) I got CS Extend because I skipped it on the 360 thinking it wasn't a necessary upgrade. But I wanted to play Blazblue on PS3 so I decided to pick this up cheap on PS3 (The Limited edition too no less) It does look smoother over the 360 versions but the backgrounds seem less detailed to me. Still
It's Blaz Blue on PS3 and should tide me over until Chrono Phantasma. 

I also have 2 games I haven't even tried yet- Ico and 3d Dot game Heroes. I'll give those a shot later when I have a few hours to kill.

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