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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 1:35 AM on 06.12.2013  (server time)
The XBOX Refugee Part 1- Getting the PS3

Today it began. My migration from XBOX to Playstation. In the 7 Years the PS3 has been our I have spent before today a grand total of 15 minutes with the system playing Motorstorm, and Little Big Planet. So I'm going into PS3 land fresh. What is it like going from XBOX 360 to Playstation 3? What was my final XBOX game for the forseeable future? Well of course I'm telling you.

This afternoon I beat Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor Edge earning what may well be my final achievements. GREAT GAME by the way.

Then the UPS guy came with THE PRECIOUS!

*sniff* Beautiful isn't it?

And here it is in it's new home.

This is how the converstation between those two went.

PS3: Hello XBOX 360. My Little Brother made your Little brother HIS BITCH LAST NIGHT.


What happened when I plugged my PS3 in was EPIC, it literally JOLTED MY TV. It wasn't even in the Same Surge Protector! After checking all my other things to make sure my PS3 didn't kill anything I was ready. It took me a good 20 minutes to get set up, get my WEP key and so fourth. My first acts were to download PSHome and then download Tekken Revolution, WHICH TOOK FOREVER TO DOWNLOAD. I also got the Jet Set Radio Demo as well as I was curious to see how it played on PS3. BUT then a thunderstrom hit. I've gotten alot of Consoles in my day but NEVER have I bought a console only for it to rain and thunder, as if the gaming Gods were angry that I am jumping ship.

I was quite confused by the XMB and I'm no stranger to it. I have a PSP so I know how everything works, what was most confusing was the sound settings as everything is set to 5.1 by default and I only have a Stereo TV. So sometimes I'll go in a game and there's no sound unless I exit or set the sound settings to Stereo. Weird, but I'm just not used to it yet.

I mostly messed around in HOME at first it seems a bit buggy to me but it was fun and really cool that this week takes you to E3. The first PS3 game I played? Katamari Forever, it was a safe start I had to go grocery shopping so I played a bit of Katamari Forever, got my first Trophy and well what can I say it's Katamari it looked ok but it plays really well and I like the Jump button being SHAKE THE CONTROLLER LIKE A BRITISH NANNY!

Tekken Revolution was next. I'm going to write about it later It looked well OK but it's free Tekken with Trophies and decent online and all the stages from Tekken Tag 2 with new untekken like music. No Complaints it's Tekken It's free and It got me some Trophies.

What really WOWed me though was when I popped in Mortal Kombat a game I played to death on 360. Right away something just looked different to me, the game looked I guess Shiner? I went into Arcade mode played as Kratos and kicked some ass. Good Stuff and I really think the game looks better on PS3 than it did on 360. 

I also tested out a PS1 game in my PS3 and, well it looked good real good I think I will be playing my PS1 games on PS3 from now on. The Game in question was Dead or Alive.

So Tonight I feel like I have begun a new Journey. I'm not Done with XBOX Yet I still have some shumps to get and a good 6 months on my Xbox Live Gold so I'll probably be hitting something up online.  But for now The Mighty PS3 is in my console collection and
Microsoft can suck his holiness' Holy Staff...

by the way Microsoft if you do, send Tina Wood Summerford on the company's behalf. 
Wanted to Bone her since her G4 days........

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