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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 11:29 PM on 07.30.2013  (server time)
The Vision: A better Neo Geo X using a Raspberry Pi

Now I have a pretty capable lap top however as time goes on I'm using it less and less for emulation and even the simpliest games I tend to not really want to play. The Monitor has a few dead pixels and right now I can't really be arsed to replace the screen. In 2 years it's going to be time for a new system anyway.

With the Retron 5 I have the NES, SNES, Genesis and Gameboy advance covered Plus Famicom. I have a disc of NES games to play on my Dreamcast. But for collection sake the Retron 5 will be heaven. I don't need SSF Anymore, I have a real Saturn. Project 64 has no reason to exist I have an N64. So really this laptop as an emulation machine is numbered With really the only systems left to emulate are the PC Engine and Neo Geo.

With the PC Engine I'm not too sure what to do. I could go hogwild int he Japanese PSN store. I could BUY a PC Engine duo, Burn some discs and get a Turbo Everdrive. OR I can load the roms into a Raspberry Pi. As the title suggests my current idea is to load Neo Geo Roms on to an SD Card and run an emulator though the Raspberry Pi. Since the Neo Geo X is Linux based I can use the Neo Geo X Sticks with the Raspberry Pi as it too is linux based.

Things I'm going to need

-Raspberry Pi ($35)
-USB HUB (maybe $15)
- A PSU to power it (I guess about $6)
-enclosure (Cost unknown)
- remote keyboard with touch pad for navigation through menus and such (Cost unknown)
-HDMI Cable
- 2 Neo Geo X Sticks (about $100 for the pair)
- Neo Geo Rom (Already got em)
- A Linux Distro
- some kind of emulator to play the Neo Geo Roms. 

I know basically jack and shit about Linux so that might take some getting used to, Ben Heck has a similar project where he built a MAME Handheld. What I learned from that
was that you can program things in Linux to boot on start up so I would have to do that first in order to truly have a console feel to my project here. 

So that's my vision all things considered this project should cost me less than an Actual Neo Geo X and everything in theory should look better than on the Neo Geo X.

If I can build a PI Geo. then a PI Engine might be next. with those, plus the Retron 5, My Saturn, Dreamcast, PS3,PS2, XBOX 360, An Eventual XBOX Classic, Gamecube, N64 and Next gen Consoles (Probably just a PS4) I will have the perfect gaming set up with no need for a PC.

I'll keep you posted. I've never embarked on anything like this before, but the rewards should be worth the effort.

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