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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 8:11 PM on 09.06.2013  (server time)
So in terms of getting new games, This week has been EPIC

Ketsui, DOA 5 Ultimate (There will be bitching) The Classic Wipeout XL and the REAL version of Mega Man 8.

Ketsui is Ketsui it's Cave's Best shmup. It's HARD though harder than I remember the Arcade version being. X Mode is even Harder a remixed mode with a different scoring system that changes how the game is played. If you ever played the Psyvariar Series on the PS2 or Dreamcast and Dodonpachi mush those two together to get Ketsui. The best way to a high score is upclose and personal with your enemies. Great music, great sprite work and hard as I was when I woke up this morning.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: ON DISC DLC? YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? YES ALL the Bikinis all the really hot outfits...they are on the disc but you have to have either had them for DOA 5 or you have to buy the outfits again in a $40 DLC pack BUT they are on disc. Now I have these costumes... ON MY 360 so I have to at least buy the bikinis all over again. FUCK YOU TECMO FUCK YOU. Oh and by the way...this game keeps getting an M Raiting... MAKE IT COUNT give us some wardrobe malfunctions next time. Aside from that great social media integration as a preview of Next Gen and the new characters are OK nothing amazing though.

Wipeout XL: I was never good in the Wipeout games I was always all over the track. Wipeout XL I find controls easier than it's prequel AND Sequel. But the real reason I got it? The legendary 90s techno soundtrack. Prodigy, Crystal Method, Future Sound of London Takes me back. I think there's a 2nd soundtrack with some VERY early Daft Punk too.

Rockman 8: Yes the legendary Saturn version FINALLY mine, the Manual is beat up the case it came it was fucked up and I had to put it in a replacement case but it was one of those 1 mm thicker cases you can't find ANYWHERE but everything fit in that jewel case just fine. NOW YES the voice acting isn't too bad in Rockman 8 BUT the Western Voice Actors are a good sound match for the Japense ones. Also in this version Jump Jump Slide slide is a less annoying Jampu Jampu Sah leye do Sah leye do. I prefer the US Opening song and I prefer the Playstation version of Tengu Man's theme. THis version is also maybe 15% harder (Don't ask where I get that figure from) than the Anniversary/Playstation version. I ordered this shortly before my birthday so Mighty No 9 wasn't even known to us... perhaps the cosmos were trying to tell me something with my timing of getting this. I really hope Mighty No 9 plays more like Rockman 7 and 8 than the 8-bit games. I'm kind of tired of 8-bit Mega Man. Also tired of halfassed Fan games with people who think Mega Man level design is "Make it hard as balls"

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