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PopetheRevXXVIII says:

Shockwaves felt today, EA Does NOT own the Game industry!

// Submitted @ 7:51 AM on 06.03.2013

Shock waves were felt around non gaming news media when the revelation came out that
Electronic Arts does not infact, own the Video game industry. Electronic Arts has long been believed to be the undisputed lords and masters of the Video game Industry. Whose influence can make or break a console. However reports this morning have revealed the EA is not in fact the lords and masters of the industry. This Revelation comes as Nintendo President Iwata responded to a question from an American Journalist with "The FUCK IS EA?" The Question was also posed to other Japanese Develoipers like Treasure, and Cave
even a large developer like Konami all responsed with simular sentiments to Iwata "THE FUCK IS EA?" The consensus is that in Japan nobody gives a flying fuck about Madden, Battlefeild or FIFA as Pro Evolution Soccer is the preferred Sports game.

EA could not be reached for comment.



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