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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 11:12 PM on 08.05.2013  (server time)
Level Design and Why Mega Man fangames SUCK

I'm getting alot of shit from blind fanboys about my opinion that Mega Man Unlimited is pure garbage. That Megaphilx did not take into account the principals of Mega Man level design when creating this shitfest. I have a few problems with Mega Man Unlimited the music is TERRIBLE. Ranbow Man's stage grates me like nails on a chalk board. The Level design is just atrocious. again using Rainbow man as an example rather than give you a slow build, it throws shit at you right away. Deaths in that stage never feel like skill, they feel like you got lucky. BAD LEVEL DESIGN. Trintro man, jump from ladder to ladder... that's some Final level shit not in a stage you should theoretically beable to clear buster only. OH and Yoko Man's stage...that gigantic sack of shit. Somebody played Astro man's stage in Mega Man 8 and was like...this is too easy lets make a hard version. Now you might think "Shitfest" and "Sack of shit" is me being too rough on Mega man Unlmited, but I'm sorry, that's what came out of my mouth when I was playing it.
The Developers did not look at Mega Man games to see what makes them so great.
I won't link to the video but Egorapter explained it beautifully. Mega Man Levels when well designed are a slow build. They teach you as you go through them. I'm going to use as an example of this slow build teaching Hornet Man's stage from Mega Man 9 a stage that took me DAYS to get through.

I like this example for two things, the player dies alot and you see the mistakes you can make but you also see how it's the player's fault as there's a slow build. Note the platforms you shoot are at the beginning of the stage with no consequence it's there to show you that yes this will be later in the stage learn what it does now. Another example of this is in Tornado Man's Stage. A great example is Quick Man's Stage it does a slow build with the beams so you know what to expect. Going back into Hornet Man's stage see the Cannons? The first one shows you what they do and gives you a nice little treat for learning So when you encounter the others you know what to do. See GENIUS!

Mega Man Fan games never do this nobody seems to get that Mega Man Games are hard and should be hard,but not unfair hard. Mega Man 9 is more than fair with it's difficulty and while you can Mega Buster only the whole game it's in your best interest to use the weapons they give you. Mega Man 2 is like that as well as there are situations in the stages where use of a weapons is beneficial and not just metal balding through the whole game. 

So if you're a Mega Man fan and you want to make a Mega Man game to tide us over while we wait for Capcom to figure out what to do with Mega Man without inafune (can you blame them X6-X8 were made without Inafune and they SUCKED...well ok I don't mind X7 but I'm in a minority) remember what I taught you here. It's not about clever weapons or bosses. It's about a slow build in difficulty subliminally preparing players for what's ahead. 

Also your fangame should ONLY use this boss intro music:

I hope I taught you alittle something about Mega Man tonight. There are other elements to what makes a good Mega Man Game. Good Music, good Weapons (which is one of the reasons I hate 4) and interesting bosses. But I'll get into that some other time when I talk about my least favorite Mega Man games. Including the X Series games.

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