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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 8:09 PM on 06.21.2013  (server time)
Lets talk about Valis III A PC Engine and Genesis forgotten gem.

Hot (and I MEAN HOT) anime chicks, Great Genesis chiptunage alot of a Castlevania with a Dash of Mega Man (in the form of a slide) what do you get? Valis III. One of the most over looked but awesome Megasis games.

An old issue of Mega Play an old Sega Magazine from the EGM people covered this game back in the day. I'm pretty sure the Images of Yoko kick started puberty. LOOK AT HER:

The entire Valis series is nothing to really write home about either with only Valis III being the GOOD GAME other games in the series appeared on the NES, Megasis, PC Engine CD and SNES/SUPER FAMICOM. A hentai PC only visual novel revival that was pretty hawt was also released fairly recently.

I don't know what it is exactly about Valis III that makes it a sentimental favorite of mine. I never got to play it until I got it for an Emulator. I beat it in a few days the story is nothing great, very Cleche', the characters aren't that memorable. What's great about the game is it's music and gameplay which was all you needed back in the day. The boss fights are tense, the levels are well layed out. Like Castlevania III you can swap characters there is a useful slide move ALA Mega man and movement unlike earlier games in the series is quite fluid.

Telenet Japan the game's developer has a rather so so track record when it comes to games as well. Developing decent shooters like Gaiares on the genesis, and not much else most of the stand out titles from them were from Wolf Team those being El Viento, Granada and a few others that escape me. They were mostly a seperate team from Telenet and those people would go on to develop the Tales of Series.  Bearing that in mind Valis III is a bit of an oddity in the Telenet line up as it's the only Non Wolfteam game that's really REALLY good. Even if it's story isn't the best.

It's worth picking up if you want some Castlevania type mega man action for your Megasis or PC Engine.

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