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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 10:52 AM on 08.21.2013  (server time)
Just becuase I feel like it, My 5 Favorite Mega man tunes.

I debate back and fourth as to which series is my Favorite, Sonic or Mega man, But considering how much I write about Sonic....I think Mega Man wins out.

Ever since my grandmother bought me a Nintendo power that had Mega Man 2 winning all kinds of awards and then buying me the game at of all places a hardware store I've been a Mega Man fan and a big part of that was the music. So here it is my 5 all time favorite Mega Man songs picking my top 5 was easy but there are SO MANY remixes, arrangements and other such things that, I'll crash your browser with all the videos if I linked to them.

From the X Series

Sting Chameleon's theme is my favorite X1 tune. Probably my favorite Song in the entire X Series. I'm using the Maverick Hunter X remix here because of the two official versions I prefer it. It's got a sneaky nature to it like a Chameleon should have. The SNES Version fits the stage as the stage it self is balls to the wall blowing shit up and that battle for the Armor capsule, I can't imagine fighting that robot to any other theme. There are also several kick ass Metal arrangements worth checking out. So there you got Sting Chameleon the next one is the 2nd and last listed song from the X series.


What better song to get you pumped up for X's final SNES Battle, the only downside to is it doesn't play for very long before you have to play as Zero and Rescue X. Zero's theme isn't quite as Pumping as this is and kind of kills the flow. Still a Great theme that Capcom Ruined in the X3 arrangement on Saturn/PSX/ X collection.

From the Classic Series

Adding Solar Man means I had to bump Gyro Man's stage from this list. No doubt that Mega Man 9 and 10 had some amazing tunes. Sticking very close to the Mega Man 2 style. as opposed to the distinct style used in 3-6. Solar Man wins out of MANY great songs becuase like the X3 intro stage this one keeps you pumped up through out what is a grueling vertical stage and really brings the ROCK out of ROCKMAN. You can't arrange this song any other way or it would sound weird, all remixes MUST have Guitar.

Don't ask why Airman just don't. As a Kid Wood Man and Flash Man's stage themes were my favorites but there's something funky and upbeat about Air Man's theme that as an Adult makes it a favorite. Air Man's Stage isn't THAT HARD (then again 20+ years of Memorization might cloud that judgement) So it's a nice relaxing theme Generally I tackle Air Man first when I do a Mega Man 2 playthrough so I get Item 2 for Heat Man's Stage and it's always a wonderful way to begin a Mega Man 2 Play Through.

YEP Snake Man the do do do do do do do under the medley and just the way the song draws it self out is the perfect example of the Unique Mega Man 3 sound. Mega Man 3 was vastly different from 1 and 2. You had the slide, you had a new intro that played after selecting a boss. Rush was there, you could have E tanks coming out your ass (and my boss order differs significantly depending on if I use the A9 password at first or not) Mega Man 3 was just...different but also the same and it was epically long too thanks to the Doc Robot stages (Which I wish had their own themes) So of all those changes and the different musical style compared to 1 and 2 I think Snake Man's theme is the best example of that. It doesn't really sound like the theme a snake should have but listen close enough and you'll hear a little tinge of snake charmer in the chiptune.

So there you go my 5 favorite Mega man themes....and there are SO MANY MORE I love too that will have to wait another day. Really Mega Man has great design most of the time in it's games...but lets face it when they are hard, THEY ARE HARD so you need good music to keep playing. Do you think Mega Man would have lasted all this time if the series had shitty music? I THINK NOT

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