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His all time favorite console is the Saturn. His Genres of choice or Shmups and Fighters. He HATES Nintendo.

His Holiness Pope the Rev The 28th. Is a gamer, Philosopher, Psychologist, Guilty Gear XX #Reload GOD and former cult You Tube Personality. Today he rambles on Destructoid. Forgive his spelling and Grammer, he doesn't have time to send everything he writes to his proof readers.

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Look at this bullshit


Might I add while not saying WHAT forum this BS ban came from. It's FULL of Sega Fanboys. FULL OF THEM. All they care about is SEGA SEGA SEGA SEGA SEGA. They are so Anti Sony that the Second I show some excitement that I'm getting a PS3, I get backlash.

There's a difference between Fanboyism, and being excited about Jumping to a new Platform.

Destructoid has been very welcoming and people here have accepted my tastes. I have had no issues with anyone and any arguments I've had this last week have been playful and not heated.

So thank you D-Toid I'm glad to be part of the family.

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