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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 11:36 AM on 02.10.2014  (server time)
It's been how long? Lets talk about Fighting game snobs.

Today's post is brought to you by this sick ass theme

Glad to see AJ Styles killing it in the Indies.

So my laptop finally took a shit and died, Windows update when it misbehaves can make you do desperate things. THIS is why I don't game on PC. Too much shit can go wrong. Anyways I have a list of things I wish to accomplish while I'm without my own computer.

They are

-score 100k in Galaga
- Get at least halfway through Ketsui without dying.
- 1cc Shenryu
- Pick a fighting game pick it apart and get GOD LIKE at it.

The last one I'm getting alot of support for... CEPT THIS ONE GUY. It's not like he should be taken seriously he says he's a console gamer, but doesn't play on anything BUT PC and with most fighters on Consoles nothing he says should be taken seriously anyway.He's dead set against single player in fighting games lets ignore that Soul Calibur 1 and 2 have amazing single player as does Street Fighter Alpha 3's World tour mode or that that AI in Tekken Tag 2 higher levels is pretty brutal and as good as anyone I've fought on line then again...he can't play tag 2 since he only has a PC. He also doesn't think 6 months is enough to get Godlike at something. Uh? if you play nothing but 1 game for 6 months for 10 hours a day I'm pretty sure you'll get awesome and my SFIV skills aren't bad.

I challenged this guy to do one thing ONE THING to prove what he's saying is bullshit. Play Art of Fighting 2 on the highest difficulty and beat it with no continues. Doing that makes you a god amongst gamers AOF2 is HARD, HARD yo. He refuses becuase it's "useless" He knows nothing about the systems in fighters either. So I'm gonna have to label this guy annoying poser.

Anyways I'm picking up a Qanba Q4 black (and modding it with girly colored buttons because I think it'll actually look pretty bad ass) so I can swap between 360 and PS3 fighters. I moved almost all my fighters over from 360 to PS3. I only kept DOA4 and VF5 on 360 the rest I'm rebuying for PS3.

Blazblue Chronophantasma hits next month and I am PUMPED for that. Also Jojo's is looking pretty promising and I'm going to be sure to nab a copy off amazon before the scalpers steal them all.

As far as what fighter to get Godlike at. I'm leaning towards Guilty Gear AC+ as I have skills in that already and SSFIV AE as that has a pretty easy learning curve and Combos aren't essential to being Godlike it seems.

So that's the latest. I'll post again when I feel like it. Till Next time, don't be a fighter snob.

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