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I say SOME because there are still a bunch of "Master Race" Assholes who will insult me without provocation. One reason in particular was quite offended. I am not one to back track and take back what I say if I say something I mean it. I do indeed have a huge problem with a large number of PC Gamers and their superiority complexes. Enough had been enough and some anger needed to be vented.

But I do realize that there are PC Gamers without Hubris and who are decent people I simply wanted those people to speak out and instead at least one person was offended.

SO to those PC Gamers who were offended by me Calling you a bunch of Nazi's I do apologize. But understand alot of your brethren are still complete Jerks. 

Enjoy Steam, or GOG or whatever you're PC gaming on. I'm going to enjoy my gaming Old School the way I was raised and maybe fire up dosbox every now and then wondering how to advance in Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego without that world Almanac from 26 years ago......

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