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His all time favorite console is the Saturn. His Genres of choice or Shmups and Fighters. He HATES Nintendo.

His Holiness Pope the Rev The 28th. Is a gamer, Philosopher, Psychologist, Guilty Gear XX #Reload GOD and former cult You Tube Personality. Today he rambles on Destructoid. Forgive his spelling and Grammer, he doesn't have time to send everything he writes to his proof readers.

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Lets step away from the Console bullshit for a second. Microsoft is done with the Video game business Rather than exit slowly they chose to blow themselves up onstage. But forget about that. There are in fact good people that work for Microsoft and people I feel bad for as they are going to be taking the brunt of the attacks from the angry villagers with Pitchforks and Torches. My advice to Major Nelson Larry Hryb, LEAVE MICROSOFT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. The Threats, the anger, the complaining, it's all going to be dumped on him. It's not his fault but he's the Face of the XBOX Brand just a regular dude.

About that Regular dude, in 2010 Larry was a last minute guest at Connecticon a small multi genre convention in Hartford Connecticut. He spoke on a Saturday afternoon answered questions, talked about how awesome Heavy Rain was. YES HE TALKED ABOUT HOW AWESOME HEAVY RAIN WAS. He even expressed his fondness for Nintendo from what I recall. He has a sister in Providence, Rhode island, not too far from me I might add. (As an aside, my Father went to School with SCEA CEO Jack Trenton at Providnece College)  He came off as a down to Earth guy and not your run of the mill soulless PR rep.

So while we burn Microsoft to the ground with our torches and Pitch forks I ask that you spare Larry. He's a nice guy. If he has a conscious at all and from the hour I spent with him he seems to, He'll leave Microsoft and I'd love to see him take a Job with Nintendo doing the English version of Nintendo Direct.

I have Larry's back, even if the XBOX One can go fuck itself. 

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