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His all time favorite console is the Saturn. His Genres of choice or Shmups and Fighters. He HATES Nintendo.

His Holiness Pope the Rev The 28th. Is a gamer, Philosopher, Psychologist, Guilty Gear XX #Reload GOD and former cult You Tube Personality. Today he rambles on Destructoid. Forgive his spelling and Grammer, he doesn't have time to send everything he writes to his proof readers.

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Yeah, the 360 was turned back on today I wanted to play some Virtual on. Instead I ended up spending an hour deleting unwanted Rock Band songs. I finally did Play some Virtual On Force. AND the game kicked my ass. I don't know what it is about this game. I enjoy it but it's so complicated I have no idea what in the blue fuck I'm doing. I really REALLY Hope Gundam Extreme VS isn't this complicated. I'm in the mood for a good Mech Combat game.
Then again I can just play Tech Romancer on Dreamcast.

Who ever is playing here makes it look way easier than it is.

What got me on this mecha game kick is Infinite Stratos A really interesting mix of archtypes. It's a High School Harem Anime, With Mech suits. It has nudity so it's fine by me (unlike some anime though, the nipples are actually drawn well not just two dots... STRIKE WITCHES I'm GLARING RIGHT AT YOU) Nicely drawn nipples aside the show is pretty cleche' if you had a Harem anime drinking game by Episode 9 you'd be dead from Alcohol poisoning. What saves this show is the combat scenes the action in this show is really good and well animated. This show just screams for a VS game based on it but so far to my knowledge there isn't. I have 4 more episodes, and I am enjoying the ride even if I have trouble paying attention during the non combat scenes.

The last thing I wanted to touch on before I head off for the weekend is Nintendo more so why I have so much trouble talking about Why I hate Nintendo. I have been attempting to work on a blog about Nintendo's dick moves through out it's history but it's really hard to write without sounding like a complete lunatic. I've also noticed aside from here Nintendo Fanboys will jump all over you if you even attempt to hate on Nintendo. I've had Forum bans, thread separations, and all out word assaults rained down upon me at even the slightest attack of Nintendo. These are clearly the minority of Nintendo fans but they are the most vocal and militant. It makes it very hard to make any argument for why Nintendo are such scumbags. The Other reason is just when I think I have a complete list of why I hate Nintendo,Nintendo goes and fucks up again.
It's a never ending cycle.

I would hate Nintendo slightly less if there were More Nintendo fans like Sam.



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