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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 11:46 PM on 06.09.2013  (server time)
Enough XBOX One talk, Lets talk about the Adventures of Ryu Hayabusa

It does guilt trip me now to turn on my 360. Hopefully that will change when I get my hands on my final 4 for 360, Otomedeus, Dodonpachi Saioujou, Shooting love XIIZeal and Delta zeal, and Ginga force/Eschatos.  Right now I'm just killing time until the PS3 I bought Friday gets here I bought 6 games yesterday, One of them was almost Ninja Gaiden Sigm.

Now I am a HUGE Ninja Gaiden Fan HUGE HUGE HUGE Ninja Gaiden fan. It's the one of the only series from my childhood that I still follow and play as an adult, the other two being Sonic and Mega Man. Must have something to do with the color blue. From the arcade continue screen, Hey lets watch that bad assery now:

Pussy David Copperfeild does the same bit and he's always fine after.

If you think the arcade game is brutal try playing the Genesis version. It's an unfinished Beta and it sucks more than Kasumi trying to win a DOA tournament.......uh what did I just say?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS. I have for the most Part played every Ninja Gaiden. Black, Sigma, Sigma 2, Dragon Sword, and the Game gear games are the ones I have yet to play.

My favorite game in the series is probably Ancient ship of Doom at least the first half The music was perfect, the challenge was just right, It was in a sense the true sequel to Ninja Gaiden as it took place before Ninja Gaiden II plus it lacked game play elements that II introduced just with the ability to grab on to rails. It was for me just a very satisfying entry after two balls hard games that to this day are guaranteed to make me scream MOTHER FUCKER every time I die. 

The XBOX Revival was just well lets be honest FUCKING EPIC. There are few current gen games that look as GOOD as Ninja Gaiden and just how MASSIVE this game was it was, SORT OF open world something 2,Sigma 2, 3 and 3 Razor's edge weren't. I remember when Ninja Gaiden was first shown in 2003, I think I literally almost shit myself I can't find the trailer in question on You Tube, what I saw is on an OXM Demo disc somewhere.

And Playing it, until I got stuck in the caves (and on that puzzle just after fighting Doku)
OH MY SHIT one of the best games I ever played the scope of it, the story, The fact the first boss is SO FUCKING HARD

Geez, you'd think he was the last Boss or something............

OH WAIT yeah

The game never really gave me much trouble though, besides OCDing about getting every Scrab so I could unlock the classic games (never did)  and the unfairness of the gamesave Locking to your console so you couldn't cheat and get everything (Itagaki YOU ASSHOLE) Yet I ask you... the fuck did you all do to get stuck on Alma? She wasn't hard AT ALL! But like I said I never beat it and now that my XBOX Classic won't turn on that save is forever in limbo.

Ninja Gaiden 2 just sort of crept up on me and MY game save now is the final Boss fight but that final boss IS HARD. While the game is self is still epic The size and scope or the perceived one isn't as grand. The Semi Open world is replaced by several large stages
Irene from the NES games make her first appearance as Sonia which was reconned back to Irene in DOA Dimensions. The highlight of the game though? THIS

Then Ninja Gaiden 3.

it sucked

No really it did, no extra weapons, A tacked on On-line mode, no dismemeberment, the game was way too fucking easy I mean WHAT THE FUCK. 

SO that brings me to today when I decided to finish Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge I bought Razor's edge two months ago, hit a wall while playing put it away and didn't decide to finish it until I saw Ninja Gaiden Sigma while I was buying my first PS3 games.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge. While it isn't as epic as Ninja Gaiden or as expansive and exhausting as Ninja Gaiden 2. I like what it does, you earn Weapons by finding scarabs plus there's a leveling up system, My OCD LOVES THAT. You can Play a few stages as Ayane and eventually the whole game, WAIFU! Momoji, uh where'd she comefrom? That whole Ninja Village thing comes out of nowehre. But yeah Good stuff. Irene is FUCKING HOT when she shows up with Ayane. Yeah really look

OH THANKS CUT SCENE now there's a whole mess on my keyboard. 

But what I really enjoy about Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor Edge?

It's HARD! Not like impossible but like Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 it's hard in that it rewards you when you finish a stage and you feel a good sense of accomplishment that you actually overcame something. That's what the series is all about, Remember when you died on Jaquio in the NES Ninja Gaiden...then got sent ALL THE WAY BACK to the beginning but hey you beat the game, and then it's all worth it. 

And that's really why I love this series so much because when you beat a Ninja Gaiden game. You feel like you Accomplished something.

Besides Vanilla 3, That game is just shit.

So Hopefully I can beat Razor's Edge Before my PS3 gets here, I'm pretty close to the end. The real challenge after is deciding what PS3 game to play first:

By the way if a mod reads this just a quick aside, I keep getting told "the Spam filter thinks I'm evil" anything you guys can do about that?

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